Monday, July 8, 2013

Isten Aldj Amerikat‏ (God Bless America)

Boldog Július 4-t! (Happy 4th of July!)

Well we definitely worked hard this week. I think this might be the most "finding" in one week I've done my whole mission. So although we are a little burnt (like literally sunburned not burnt out :) we had a great week. We have a bunch of new investigators and things are going pretty well. Here is just one of my favorite parts about this week: One of my first days here we got a call from an unknown number asking for a missionary who had already gone home. She said she was in the hospital. But when we tried to offer to help, she refused. I had the elders call her as well and she said they couldn't help her at least until she got out of the hospital (that part will come into play later in this story). I don't know if I mentioned this, but our sister companionship took over an old elder companionship. We have an area book with some old investigators information on it. We had met with a family from the area book who has10 kids and so I called the elders who taught them to ask a little bit about the family. During that conversation, I also asked him if there was anyone else he thought we should try to look up again from when he was here several transfers ago. He mentioned one mother who had a 5 year old son. We found her information and went to look her up. Unfortunately she wasn't home, so we left our card with her mother and went tracting. On our way back, we saw a little boy that had hung around while we were tabling once, so we crossed the street to talk to his mom. In the middle of the conversation, I asked her if she might be the person we were trying to look up earlier. She was. She had just gotten out of the hospital that day and wanted us to meet with her the very next day. (If you haven't caught on, not only was she the women we wanted to look up, but she was also the mystery women that called us on one of my first days here). Everything kind of came together to meet her again. We had a good first lesson with her and we will be going back tonight. Also turns out, we met her brother when we were tabling as well. Just goes to show that it isn't us who is in charge of the details and tender miracles of this work. 

Szeretlek Mindig, 
Curtin növér 

P.S. The little details: 
1. Yes we did celebrate the 4th of July. We wore red white and blue and ate Hungarian-style "American" hotdogs and hamburgers (there was no cow in the burger). We also had too much fun taking pictures on our roof. Also, indirectly we celebrated the 4th of July by finding a new investigator who is an awesome young teenager who is obsessed with America. She said she is going to make us chocolate-chip cookies or American pancakes for us next week :) 
2. A few funny language translations: 1) When you want to call someone up, you "stand" on the phone. 2)The translation of the word Pumpkin adds emphasis. So if you want to say something is really good (aka awesome) you would say it is "Pumpkin Good" or if you want to say it was really weird. It would be "pumpkin weird". I think this language is both "pumpkin good" and "pumpkin weird."
3. This week in the fötér they celebrated Horvat (Croatian) day. Anyone know which neighboring country that translates to? 
4. "Caution: Biting Dog" signs are on basically every gate. It doesn't matter how big or small or really-a-cat their dog is, they have one. Seriously, everyone and their dog has one of these signs. 
5. Another language tip- the word for "Message" and the word for "Business Deal" sound very alike, especially with my accident. Be careful not to tell people you want to share a business deal about eternal families, or they will be really confused. 

Pictures: 1. I think that picture is hilarious. The Flammers are the senior couple in my district. They go home soon :( so we wanted pictures with them. Can you tell it was windy? 2. Our whole district. (still windy) 3. Sister Montenegro and I on the 4th of July after a long day of hard work 4. Us being celebratory on the 4th of July.


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