Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Families, Shooting Stars, and TRAINING

Jó reggelt everyone!

Well we got our transfer calls this morning and I'm staying in Szombathely, but.... I'm TRANING: AHH. I'm still so young in the mission. I'm only half way done with my mission as of this week. But I am really excited to have the opportunity to train. I won't find out who I am training until tomorrow, but I'm sure she is great. There are only two sisters coming in, but I've heard great things about both of them.
But now to reflect on this last transfer: this transfer was amazing. We had a really cool miracle happen to rap up our "Find a Family" transfer together. Right after we had made the goal to find a family to teach at the beginning of the transfer, we went out to a park and talked to a nice man who had an adorable curly-haired 3 year old daughter and a new born. We got his number but then he went out of town for a month and nothing came of it. Well, that is, until the last week of this transfer. We called him when he got back into town but he ended up not showing up to the program we planned and never picking up his phone. But then, we were tracting an apartment building behind a green door, we went to the top and worked our way down. At the apartment at the top there was an uninterested younger guy and some children. We moved on and finished the building. As we were leaving I realized that the little girl we had seen at the first apartment looked really familiar. Sister Montengro felt like we should go back. We talked about it for a while. It didn't make sense to go back- he wasn't interested. But we went back. Turns out the guy at the door was the younger brother of the man we had met at the park the first week of transfers. Because of that, we were able to set up with the man we met in one week. We taught him in the park on Sunday. He is a wonderful father who is interested in the church because of it's based on Christ and it has family values. We are teaching him again tonight. What a great way to start and end a transfer focused on families. Such a blessing and miracle. 

A follow up and another miracle: our sweet investigator who is planning on getting baptized, was struggling to find work. We promised her blessings if she would keep the commandments. Right after coming to church for the first time and keeping the Sabbath day holy, she got a job (She got the call the next day). Such a cool and real example of blessings that come when you keep the commandments. The hard thing though is that her new job puts her in another country until November in a place where she doesn't speak the language. Her baptism has been moved to November. And because she is somewhere where missionaries would otherwise not be able to teach her (who would have thought that no one seems to know how to speak Hungarian?? :), we have received permission to teach her through Skype. That will be such a fun and exciting opportunity. We've seen a lot of other blessings through this situation too. Her older brother came to church this Sunday to bring her cute little son. Her family is being blessed and we have been so blessed to see all of these wonderful changes in her life. 
Well if you haven't figured it out already- this transfer has been a blessing and a miracle and so much fun. We ended it last night by doing planning on our roof/deck. We reflected on the miracles we have seen together, we listened to the outdoor opera that was happening in the distance and we saw a huge shooting star. What a cool way to end the transfer. I'm so grateful for how many blessing we have seen. How did I get so lucky to be apart of this?
This next transfer I'm sure will also be great. It's a lot of responsibility, I just hope I can be worthy enough to continue to see blessings. I just hope my new companion doesn't pick up on all of my terrible grammar mistakes :)
This gospel is true. This gospel blesses families. 
Have a great week!
Love Always,
Sister Curtin
Zoli, a ward missionary, with Michelle

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