Friday, June 21, 2013

200 Days

Sziaszstok Everyone!

Another fantastic week with lots of work. There is so much to do every day that time is flying by. I've now been out for 200 days. It seems like I just got here yesterday. I remember Elder Walker, who was an assistant to the president at the time, telling us when we got the country that his best advice for our mission would be to take in every moment. Good advice, but 200 days later it feels almost impossible. The moments past by fast. 
Speaking of Elder Walker, he finished his mission and him and his family decided to do something really special for the Hungarians. They didn't just go back and visit all of the places Elder Walker served, but they put on a concert for everyone. We had the opportunity to have the Walkers come to Nyíregyháza and preform for our ward and investigators. They were such a great example to this city of the blessing the gospel brings. The gospel is definitely centered on families. We had an investigator there who is investigating for 2 major reasons: because she's amazed that missionaries pay for and then serve missions and because our church is so family focused. I'm grateful that the Walkers shared their family and their talents and helped to remind us what potential the families of Hungary also have. 
We have been blessed with a few families to teach. One family I absolutely adore. They have a young son who has special needs. This week he came in while we were teaching his parents and threw a paper down on the table. He was so frustrated that he couldn't draw a perfect triangle. Memories of teaching art lessons and working with special needs children before my mission came flooding back. The parents of this family are getting a wonderful taste of how our Heavenly Father feels about us. In one of our first lessons we asked them about God and the mother explained that she assumes he feels like they do as parents: extremely happy at every little accomplishment their child makes. We are so far from perfect. We can't draw perfect triangles, we get frustrated at our mistakes, we sin everyday... But God rejoices in our progression. So we keep through the trails to learn and grow and progress.
Just keep progressing, every day. Keep on the upward. If it takes a million tries, keep on drawing. 
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. The reason this email is a little rushed and short is because in just a little bit we are heading off to a district meeting in Debrecen and then we are going whipping. We live in an area were whips are a big deal, they have some really fancy ones. So as a district, we are going to go learn how to whip. Should be a fun cultural activity :)

Pictures attached: the Walker family, some members and investigators with the walker family at the concert.

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