Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Locked and Moved

Sziastok Everyone,
Wow, how do you fit this last week into a short email? Yikes. I'll do my best.
So Tuesday was great and so hard. My last full day in Pécs. We went as a companionship and "locked our hearts" to Pécs. There is a big lock-wall in Pécs where people will put a lock symbolizing that they will go back to unlock the lock. I would love to go back someday. I love that place so much. It was also really hard to say goodbye to everyone. We saw so many miracles in that city and the branch was so great. I know the work is just going to continue to move forward there and I'm so excited for it. I miss them all but for now my call has been moved, to the other side of the country...
So here I am in Nyíregyháza with Larsen Nővér, two 3 hour train rides later. It's been really good so far. The language has been super hard now that I am senior companion and the dialect has changed a little. Luckily all has been well so far. Sister Larsen's grammar is great and that has been a huge blessing. She's also a fantastic missionary. We've been on the same page since day one- we're going to aim to be 100% obedient, as diligent as possible and work to strengthen this branch in miraculous ways. It will be super hard, but we've already seen miracles. We have a program scheduled every hour tomorrow minus studies and meals so it will be busy, but hopefully it will all go well. We are expecting nothing but miracles here.
On day one we spent a lot of time doing finding (tracting and streeting) and we ended up tracting into a member, streeting into 2 others and streeting into a less-active member. They were all so impressed to see us out and working all day. I think that was a tender mercy in itself to show to the branch that we are here to be diligent and move to Lord's work forward.
We've already found some great investigators. We have a goal to fill the sacrament room. Right now they have about 30 members at church on a good day. With diligence, miracles, and lot of Heaven-sent help, I think that will change for the better.
Once again, the youth have been a great help here. There are a few girls here that are just a little younger than us. They have been a huge help at helping us get to know the city, speak the language and teach lessons. Several of them are very excited to have sisters in the city and have said that having us here is an answer to a prayer that they too want to serve missions. It's been a blessing to be able to be the Sisters who re-open the city to sister missionary work. (They said it’s been probably about 15 years since they last had sisters).
It will be a lot of work and I'm sure a huge learning process, but I think it will be good. Both of us feel like there is so much work to get done here, we just hope that we can be the right instruments for it.
Also- Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there (especially my own) who are raising children in gospel-centered environments. A home established on the teachings of Christ, is a home of strength. We’ve seen that a lot and we hope to be able to help many families with that here in Nyíregyháza.
Love Always,
Curtin nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. Dogs: Lots and lots and lots of them. Luckily I like dogs so it hasn’t been a problem, but almost everyone has a dog. The other day we went and taught a quick message to an extended family sitting in their backyard. Have you ever tried to teach a lesson about eternal families when there are approximately 15 dogs barking and running back and forth? Not the easiest.
2. Dances: They have some really cool couple dances called nép dances (folk dances). We got to see one briefly because we walked through one of the main squares to get where we were going and they happened to have a performance going on. It was really cool.
3. Dirt Roads: Not all roads are dirt but there are quite a few. Yesterday a member made fun of us for "breaking the rules" by "swimming" because it had rained so hard and we had to walk through puddles ankle high to get to our investigator's house. Luckily when we went home, there was a big truck-vacuum thing sucking up all the water on the roads. I had never seen that before. Do they do that in the US?
4. I might be able to send pictures at this internet café, so I will try to finish this email now and work on figuring that out. Hopefully I can :) pictures are worth a thousand words right?

Have a fanatic week!

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