Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sziasztok everyone,
A pretty crazy, but good week. It was full of those little detail stories that I'm sure I will tell when I get home. Certain details aren't meant for an e-mail or blog, but for a gist and for a reminder of what stories to look back on in about a year, I'll give you these couple details. 
1. Story one involves singing Beatles songs to a bácsi (older man) through the window, sitting on a street curb with a bag of chicken and crackers.
2. Story two involves 2 young investigators that went from chasing the elders down the street, to taking the atonement very seriously.
Anyway, now onto some exciting things this week. One was a baptism of a cute little 8 year old girl (The one that I mentioned in a few emails is such a good example, like when she placed a Book of Mormon). Her baptism was so precious. Her mom gave a talk about baptism and in it, she mentioned that when she (the mom) was baptized, the little girl had been sad they couldn't get baptized together because she was too young. But now it was her day. She was so sweet and you could tell that she found so much joy in receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. She told me later she felt so good. She is still such an example to me. 
Then yesterday we had conference. We traveled with our branch on a little bus for about 2 hours to the are conference (the fields of Hungary are beautiful I might add). The area together made about the size of a Utah ward, but it was so cool to see the strength of just that many. It was a beautiful day and so fun to see so many members from across Hungary. The church is growing here and it will continue to grow.
In fact, it will be growing this week. This week is going to be super busy. It is Sister Kimballs last week in the country (maybe my last in the city, but I wont know that until next Tuesday). And we have a wedding, a baptism and a confirmation to prepare for. Our investigators that are getting baptized this week are actually the first investigators that our mission president and his wife ever met. We are so excited that they have decided to make this next step. They've been such great examples already of how to keep baptismal covenants, even before they are baptized. They sent us with food to a different investigator who is in need, they pray for others, they look for ways to serve and support the branch. Yesterday, seeing the father at the conference talking to our mission president and our branch president, there was a special feeling of excitement for him to possibly become a great priesthood leader in Hungary. I'm so excited for this week and so excited for them. 
Hope all is well at home and you are finding ways to seek and enjoy the gospel. Remember- duty is joy. 
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér

p.s. the cultural details.
1. I'm so sorry. I keep getting requests for recipes and don't remember until I'm here at the internet place. Ill try to get some soon. We are having dinner with a member tonight, so maybe I can ask her for the recipe of whatever she makes. For the record- my favorite so far is still probably Paprikás Csirké
2. My grandma requested details on the grocery stores. For the most part, they are pretty normal (minus you have to buy your own bag). The place we go to is called Spar but there is also a popular place called tesco. Some unique things are the bakery part. Bread is so much better here and so much fresher. The vegetables and fruits are also fresh, but also obviously not washed. They also go bad incredibly fast. If I don't eat a banana within the first maybe 3 days of buying it (even if it was green) it will be bad. They also have a whole wall with chocolate- the most popular kind is milka and it is really good. We have to pay 100 forint to use a cart, but you get it back when you return it. And it is located in the mall which is a little different.

Missionaries at Conference
Well after that explanation, it is about time for me to go grocery shopping :) Let me know if you have any other detailed requests. Have a fantastic week! 

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