Monday, April 22, 2013


Sziastok Everyone
Wow I'm already running out of time to write this email. Time is a crazy thing here on the mission. It doesn’t seem to exist. Even when we pull a Hermoine and do 2 things at once (by going on splits with members- I taught my first lesson by myself with a member this week) we still don't have enough time.
BUT it has been a fantastic week. One again we got standard of excellence, but more importantly, we got some miracles along the way. For time’s sake, I will just share one.
We were tracting and this old man that looked like a white-headed Abraham Lincoln came out and spoke to us in English to tell us he wasn't interested. He told us to try going to tract up the hill and around the corner. Normally, we would have ignored his advice and pressed forward in the same neighborhood, but we decided to try it.
At the first door we got to in the new neighborhood, we met a teenage girl. At first she claimed she wasn’t interested, but invited us in anyway. I’ve never met anyone more prepared to hear our word than her. When we gave her the Book of Mormon, she held it in her hands and said "You know, I'd like to read this Book and then pray about it... but then.. this might be weird to ask... but is there something else I should do too?" So willing to act. (And yes, we did talk about baptism after that).
She was super sweet and so prepared. She was so surprised to see us at the door, but thanked us immensely for coming. I really felt like we were sent to her.
The rest of the week was good too. Yesterday, we got back from taking Sister Rindlisbaker to New Missionary training. Sister Kimball and I had a great day while she was in the meetings. We got to see a lot of Budapest and just take a walk around the city and across the river in beautiful weather. Somehow I'll try to get pictures sent... eventually... (maybe Elder Allrdige posted some to his blog- he tends to get the whole picture-sending thing to work more often than me)
We also had interviews with President Smith which were great. I have a lot of prep to do for this next transfer. No matter what actually happens, there will be a lot of change.
I wish I could magically find the time to give you every detail of this week. We've seen a lot of great things and had some wonderful experiences. I wish you could all experience it too. Thanks for all of your emails and letters and prayers and support. I love and miss you all!
Sister Curtin
P.S. A few more cultural or detailed tidbits
1. Harry Potter trains- yesterday I got to ride on my first. (A train with room-like compartments)
2. Flowers from NĂ©nis- all over Hungary you can find older lady’s selling freshly picked flowers on the corners
3. Public transit- it’s the best. Yesterday we took a train, a bus and a tram. And of course we walked :)
Pecs missionaries watching conference

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