Monday, April 22, 2013

A Spiky Tooth with Anger

Sziasztok Everyone,

So to explain the subject line first: my friend from China said in her e-mail that when she was younger, she thought Hungary would be a scary place because the Chinese translation of it sounds a lot like "A Spiky Tooth with Anger". Luckily it's actually quite a nice place :)
Pécs has warmed up into spring and is now preoccupied with eating ice-cream and partying at concerts in the square every night (I'm beginning to see why they call this place the "Disneyland of Hungary"). While Pécs has been busy doing that, we've been going every which way- up the mountain and back down to 10-stories- to Kaposvár and Komló, hospitals, homes and dentists... streeting, tracting, teaching and preaching and preparing for some baptisms. It has been a hard week for many reasons, but we've also seen miracles. I can't remember if I explained, but I've been working on applying what I learned from my Book of Mormon project. I've written down a list of advice

 I had gotten from the "What does Christ want for me" section of the project. I had enough for more than every day of the rest of my mission. (I have almost exactly a year left). So I've been making one of them my motto every day. For example, one of them was "if God says go, GO!"...So there we were at the branch house. We had just had a program cancel, so our backup plan was to go finding. We said a prayer before leaving to decide where to go. My first thought of where to go, I almost pushed aside until I remembered my motto of the day- GO! So we went. We were able to find and teach 2 mothers with completely different backgrounds. They couldn't have been more different, but it was cool to see how the gospel applied and hopefully will continue to apply in their lives. It was also cool to see the fruits of applying something learned from personal scripture study. It's actually been kind of amazing how I’ve been able to find a very specific way to apply that daily advice each day. Hopefully it will continue on that way. I'm sure this week is going to be just as busy if not more busy as we prepare for a wedding, a conference, a baptism and the end of the transfer. (Which will be the end of Sister Kimball's mission- which is super weird since I've been with her since day one). But if we work hard, stay obedient and remember our calling, I can't expect anything else than more miracles. Journey On.

Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin Nővér

P.S. The little details--
1. Students- it's a very typical thing to see students coming home for the weekend pulling luggage on and off of buses. I'm pretty sure that's normal anywhere, you just notice it because their bags aren't stuffed into the trunk of their own car.
2. FYI it's hard to walk in even the slightest version of a heel on cobble-stone roads.
3. The Hungarian language involves a lot of verbs. For example, you can say that you are "Englishing" rather than "speaking English".
4. Ice-cream- It's everywhere. I feel like every 10 steps I take, I see one of those cute outdoor ice cream stands. Also in relation to the previous point- we went "Ice creaming" yesterday.
5. Flower boxes in windows. Can life be cuter?
6.  Food- I really like Paprikás csirke and a lot of the soups are good and the stuffed peppers are good. We really don’t eat that much Hungarian food, because we do a lot of our own cooking. I don’t have recipes for you right now, but I bet you can find them online.

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