Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vár (Castle)

Sziastok Everyone!

An adventure of a week. Monday was spring and Thursday was dead of winter. The storm was pretty ravenous. When we went out to go to Angolóra (English class - to teach the one brave soul who came); we had to jump a huge snow drift outside our door. But even with a terrible storm, our district still made it down by the next morning for district meeting.  I'm so glad they did. We had a really great district meeting focused on the Book of Mormon. We all shared how we came to know the Book of Mormon is true. Every one's story was different, but ultimately the same- everyone had to put Moroni's promise to the test and have a little patience. "Ask of God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ if these things are true, and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost". Then with a little better weather and permission from President Smith, we went castle and palace hunting with the senior couple. (Friday was an extended preparation day because it is a holiday in Hungary). The castle we went to is called Zrínyi Vár. It was Zrínyi Miklós's castle which is cool because our church is on a street named after him. We found the castle and stepped through a big wooden gate inside of the castle walls. It was completely deserted inside the walls. We walked around a bit until we got to a big building. It was locked, but as we were about to leave we noticed someone inside. The man came out to see what we needed and ended up giving us a very personal tour. He gave us a quick history of the castle and the battles that took place there against the Turkish. Then he brought us to a room of artifacts and opened up the case and let us hold and see them. There were extremely old knifes, cannon balls and pottery. My favorite though was one that he said was 4,000 years old. He said the symbols represented Eden (Ezk 28:13, Alma 42:2), the 3 heavens (2 Cor 12:2, DC 76) and the tree of life (Gen 2, 1 Nephi 8). He could very clearly see that we were missionaries, so he pointed out how everything in that museum and castle pointed to Christ. The next place especially did. He took us back to an old church which he said was older then the Tower of Babel (Ether 1, Gen 11). He showed us the original doors and the symbolism of the metal designs that represented the 4 rivers of Eden (Gen 2, Moses 3:11). Between his broken English and my poor Hungarian, I couldn't understand everything, but he shared some really cool spiritual experiences he felt he had had there (Moroni 7:29-30). It was a very cool, almost sacred feeling building. He was a very nice man. We left a card with him. Unfortunately he lives in an area where missionaries aren't yet, but hopefully some day. I was grateful for his testimony of Christ and the power of prayer. On the way back we decided to stop by some Palaces. We got a little lost in a college on the way, so we stopped to ask a Náni for directions. She was a very nice, older lady. As we were getting directions, I felt like I should give her a Book of Mormon. So I went back and got one out of the car. She was very surprised and grateful for it. She too is too far away for missionaries currently, but if she reads the Book of Mormon with real intent, she will be ready to except the whole gospel whenever she does get the chance to hear it. (Alma 26:37, DC 137:7). We did eventually make it to the Palaces too by the way. That was our Holiday.
I'm grateful for all that we learned and felt and did on the Holiday. This gospel is so important, so I'm grateful we had ways to bring others to Christ and be uplifted by others on our supposed day off.
This gospel is so important to us that when our older investigator wasn't going to come to church because he was afraid of falling and getting hurt (the sidewalks are really bad and icy right now). We ran up the "mountain" to his house to walk with him to church. We made it just in time. (Mosiah 4:10) "If you believe these things, See that you do them". We have to act. I hope this week you take special care to act on your beliefs. Live and act on your religion. Overall even with the storm, this week was still pretty good. A lot of good experiences. I hope you all have a great week full of great experiences too!
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. Exciting side note! As we were e-mailing, our President called. We had heard rumors, but they are officially confirmed. We can now e-mail all friends and family :) SOO feel free to email me. (Granted I do still love actual letters too). We still won't have an extremely long time to email, but you can now email me and I can reply :) So hope to hear from some of you by next week!
Other side note- next week is transfers so our pday will be on Tuesday not Monday.
You can email Sister Curtin at Below are some scans of photos that she sent home. I didn't get them cropped. The first is a picture of Pecs, Hungary. Isn't it a beautiful place? The next is Michelle with "Flat Hailey". Her neice Hailey drew a picture of herself, so Michelle could take her on her mission. She often sends home pictures of herself and "Flat Hailey" for Hailey. If you have read the book, "Flat Stanley" you will understand. The last one is Michelle, Sister Kimball and two friends from their ward at Farsang.

Curtin Nővér

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