Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nő Nap (Women's Day).

P.S. From Michelle’s mom, I like that the Hungarian words for “Woman’s Day” looks like No Nap – because woman ever get a nap. Ha, ha. I realized that I didn't post this email to the blogg last week. This email should really fit in between Judgement and Var (Castle) - sorry I am a slacker, obviously I was so busy taking a nap. I didn't get it done : ) !
Sziastok Mindenki,
Another standard of excellence week. It was good. Friday here was a holiday- Nő Nap (Women's Day). The priesthood and the elders put on a sweet little program for all of the women. They read some poems and sang a little bit. And they also, got us a really nice cake. It was a thoughtful program. We had a couple of investigators and recent converts there and I think they all really appreciated it. We also had a man from our English class show up briefly to give us flowers that he had grown in his garden. It was very nice of him.
Speaking of Holidays- today is only a "half preparation day" because Friday will be extended. Friday is a big holiday here so everyone has work off and a lot of places will be closed. Our branch is going to have a Ping-Pong tournament and I'm not sure what else were going to do with our day, but it should be fun.
Yesterday was a special day too. We had our branch conference, so our mission president came down with his wife to speak. It went really well. We had 5 investigators at church too, and they all really seemed to enjoy it. I know I did. I really liked president's talk. It involved a lot about the hastening of God's work. He talked about how there are Christ's flock scattered throughout Hungary who are familiar with the "Good Shepherd's" voice. It made me think though, that as a missionary, I am supposed to be that voice. So I need to be speaking up more. We all need to be that voice more, so we can help bring them safely back to the fold.
There really are so many amazing people here. And really from all over the world. We've talked to people on the streets from Ukraine and Norway and Ireland and Germany and Sweden and Ghana and Nigeria and many more places. It’s been amazing to get to know and talk to people with so many different backgrounds. They all have different stories and they are all children of God. We also know a really nice lady who brought us desserts one time. She's in her 80s, but full of love and energy. She told us recently that she survived Auschwitz while her parents did not. She briefly told us how grateful she is for God. We are too. We're also grateful for her example of diligence and fortitude and kindness.
One thing lately that has really been sad to see is how many people don't know how to pray or don't think they can for whatever reason. The more I've realized how true it is that we are all God's children, the more I've come to realize how sad He must be when his children won't or don't know how to talk to him. We've heard many people say that either they didn't know they could pray because they hadn't been baptized, or they've forgotten how, or they don't know nice enough words, or they don't feel worthy enough. It's been miraculous to teach people the simple things: How to pray. Just address Heavenly Father in the beginning, and close in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. In between, you can thank him, you can ask, you can explain, you can question, you can justspeak to Him. And then to hear someone pray for maybe the first time ever, is amazing. One man we know, is sick and just wants to live long enough to raise his child. He didn't know he could pray. He didn't know he could ask God for support and strength and counsel with Him about what to do for his family. I'm very grateful that I know how to pray and that I can. What a blessing that is. If I don't do anything else on my mission, I'd be grateful that I've been able to teach a few people that they can talk to their Father. I hope we all remember to do that always. Always counsel with Him. He knows all and he cares. What a blessing that is.
Did you think to pray?
Love Always,
Curtin Nővér
Friends from Pecs

Cupcakes and hot chocolate with our friend.

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