Monday, March 4, 2013


P.S. In a separate email, Michelle told me part of what she is talking about in Number 1. They have a cultural group in Hungary they call "Gypsies". There is heavy prejudices against them. She said as a missionary she can't get involved in politics in their county, but this is a little more background to the incident she is talking about. She said members of the church even have a hard time not judging this cultural group.

Sziastok Everyone,
So I have 2 main thoughts based on experiences this week.
Number 1 is about Judgment. As Moroni 7:18 says we've been given the light of Christ to judge, but the judgments we make- we will also be judged for in the end. We recently had an opportunity as missionaries in our city, to boldly testify that everyone is a child of God and everyone has the right to the gospel and the atonement of Christ. The experience reminded me of Elder Uchtdorf's talk- "Stop it!". Stop judging God's children. "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you". We all sin. We need to work on our own charity and work on strengthening our own weaknesses before we can accuse others of theirs. Another observation I've made is that we need to be careful not to judge others as judgmental people, because that too is judgment. Hopefully that makes sense. It's hard to explain in a short email. Basically we need to not assume that other people think poorly of others. Saying or thinking something along the lines of "Wow, She is so judgmental!" is in itself a judgmental statement. Basically the point is that we need to remember and think about others as who they are- God's children and treat them likewise.
Number 2 is about Families. If anyone wants a religion focused on family that can strengthen families and marriages, this is the one. (not to mention it's also true). We had a baptism this week. The man was baptized by his step-son. The man's son will also be getting baptized fairly soon. It was so great to seem them all together in church this week. His wife seemed so full of joy and love and everything just felt like it was being put into place.
I also love that in this church, we are expected to pray and read the scriptures together as families as well as participate in "family night" weekly. We've seen how these little actions in any one's life (member or not) strengthens the family and protects them more from the dangers of the world. I'm very grateful that I've been able to be here at a time where I can see changes that have brought families together and that bring more happiness and strength to families.
Sister Curtin at Farstag - a "spring is coming celebration". They dress up in costume like our Halloween. Michelle said she was "red riding hood" and Sister Kimball was an "Indian".

Elders and Sisters of Pecs on P-day hike.

Overall this week was great. We got "standard" again. I'm still so grateful for the support of our branch because 12 out of 16 of our lessons were taught with a member present. They are so supportive and I'm very grateful for that.
I'm also grateful for all of your support at home. It is much appreciated and much needed.
Thanks for everything. I hope you have a fantastic week. Remember whose you are and remember whose everyone else is too.
Love Always,
Curtin Nővér

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