Monday, February 25, 2013


Sziastok Everyone!
The internet place we normally go to wasn't open today because they are sick. This place is a little more expensive so I might have to be quick. It'll be hard though because it was another great week. So here are a few random highlights:
1. Something I love about Pécs: It's very musical. (I can't remember if I already said this). Almost everyday there are people on the streets playing the violin or saxaphone or accordian. The bells of the churchs ring every hour. Songs from the bell towers play at noon. And when we were walking done the street today, we heard someone playing an organ in an old Cathedral, so we stepped in and listened for a little bit. I love the atmosphere good, real-life music creates.
2. Something exciting: We have a baptismal date. A really nice man we have been teaching has excepted to work toward baptism in April. The Elders who had been here before were way suprised. They didn't expect it. The branch and everyone has already done so good at getting him involved and welcoming him into the branch. Its so exciting to see how the atonement of Christ can really lift burdens in peoples lives if they are willing to accept it.
3. Something miraculous: Quick story- We had returned to our apartment, without making all of our goals. Then suddendly someone showed up at our door. She said she cleans and was asking for money. The miracle of it all was that after she found out who we were, she invited us over to teach her. Turns out she was really having a hard time. The lesson was beautiful and hopefully we will be able to meet with her agian soon. I know the gospel really can help her. Its amazing to me that sometimes the people who really need to hear the gospel really can be quided, literally, to our doorstep.
4. Something I learned: I've been studying Hope this transfer. Something I love that Preach My Gospel says about hope is that it involves trusting that God will fulfill his promises to you. Hope is personal. We can have faith that God works miracles, but do we have hope that he will work miracles in OUR lives? Well he does. I've seen it.

I wish I could write so much more about this week. I don't think I can properly express the miracle that this gospel is. I could never explain how important it is that we act on it and share it with the world. But I am so grateful that I've already been able to see it bring happiness, peace and joy to people we have taught.
Sister Kimball, Sister Curtin and Sister Colledge

Pecs District
I hope you all have a wonderful week. I have a feeling this week will be a great one for us and I'm so excited for it!
Love you all!
Sister Curtin

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