Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 100!

Sziastok Everyone!

If my calculations are correct, today is my 100th day on my mission! Pretty cool huh? I only have a couple hundred more to do a bunch of awesome stuff.

This week was probably the hardest yet, but still good. Even with a couple slammed doors, frozen toes and a complicated schedule- the work is still moving forward. The language is still super hard, but I trust it will come in time.

Once again I'm going to fall back on list-form for this week, because we have to finish up and get some things done before lunch. (One of the companionships in our city got superstandard this week so the senior couple is taking us out for lunch :)

1. Something Miraculous- Sister Kimball and I were waiting for a bus to go follow up at some apartments where people said we could try back another day. Right before our bus came, Sister Kimball asked if I had one of the Family Night pass-a-long cards on me. I did, and so I gave it to her. We walked over to a father who was sitting on a bench with his daughter. We talked to him about family night and our belief in the central role of families. He seemed very interested. We asked for his phone number and after thinking about it, he decided he would give it to us. But then they needed to catch a bus and headed off. (We had already missed ours but luckily they come pretty often- plus it was worth it). The greatest part about this is that HE called US this morning. We're super excited to meet with him and his family and hopefully help his family embrace the gospel of Christ that can forever bless his family.

2. Something Delicious- Sister Kimball took me to a Cukrázda this week. They are little shops that have a ton of pastries. They may be missing out on chocolate chip cookies and American brownies, but they sure do know how to make some other good treats.

3. Something Fun- This week our branch is going to be celebrating Farsang for the primary children. It’s a month-long holiday persay to celebrate winter ending. I'm excited to see how it goes. They'll get to dress up and Sister Kimball promised one of the little girls that she would teach her to dance. It should be fun.

4. Something Awesome- I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this in probably every email I have sent, but the members here are awesome. In one day we had 3 members present at the lessons. And 2 of those, the sisters we were teaching went to the Relief Society activity (they are sewing scripture bags for the primary children) and the relief society sisters did a great job at involving our investigators. A sister who just got baptized last month, came tracking with us. She's amazing and we hope to do it again. The ward missionaries are fantastic too. Not only do they come to our lessons and get involved, but they are planning to Skype every night and pray for us every night. They are so supportive. We are so blessed because of them.

5. Something I'm grateful for- Our safety. Often while we are streeting, we hear a common struggle of "How can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world"? Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to be so safe and so protected from the world on my mission. We really are blessed as missionaries to be so safe.

Thanks for all of your support and letters. I hope you all have a fantastic valentine’s day and a wonderful week. Just as a heads up, next week’s e-mail will not be on Monday because it is transfer week (Yes, already) so don't be alarmed. Our Pday will be on Tuesday. I would love to stay in Pécs but I will be happy to go wherever I'm meant to go. I guess we will find out next week.

This one is for Michelle's little brother, Andy.
See the saxophone man in the back ground.
Szeretlek Mindig
Curtin Nővér

The little square where we meet the Elders.


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