Monday, January 21, 2013

Michelle is in Pecs, Hungary.

Sziastok Everzone. (Yes I noticed that typo but I'm going to leave it because you might have to get used to ZY typos in my emails. The Z and Y are switched on the Hungarian Keyboards).

So I don't have a ton of time. This time not because I'm on a timer but because we’re going to go on a hike in a little bit and Sister Kimball (my new awesome companion) still needs a computer. So to be efficient, I'm going to write a list of a few miracles I've seen in the last week and a half.

1. I was cleared to go to Hungary after a super thorough process and an almost last minute, but prayerful decision.

2. I haven't felt the pain that almost kept me in America since we made that decision.

3. President Uchtdorf stopped by at our departing devotional on his way to the CES devotional just to say goodbye. It was pretty nice to be sent on our way to Hungary by an apostle of God.

4. We made it to Hungary despite a delay in our connecting flight in Paris.

5. Hungary is Beautiful (That’s not really a miracle, just a fact).

6. I gave away a Book of Mormon on day one of streeting, (street contacting) in Budapest to a super sweet girl who said she was interested (and the second half of that miracle was that half way through she switched and started speaking fairly good English).

7. I got sent to the prettiest city in Hungary called Pécs to reopen the city to sisters. (The members said they don't think they've had sisters in maybe 20 years). I also have a great companion who speaks pretty good Hungarian and 4 awesome Elders to serve with in Pécs.

8. Our first day in Pécs, we had a Passover lesson with the Elders and a super nice lady named Terézia. I only understood bits and pieces of the lesson, but I knew they were talking about the Sacrament and the Last Super. I only had my Hungarian bible but the first page I stopped on I saw the word for Sacrament and handed it to Elder Smith. It was the exact thing wed been talking about and she seemed to appreciate us sharing that section that was familiar to her since she grew up reading the bible. That simple moment to me was a real miracle.

9. I spoke in Church yesterday and no one laughed (Also probably a real miracle).

10. The gospel has been restored to the earth and somehow I was sent to this insanely beautiful city to speak a crazy hard language to a group of people who are so loved of God. The Branch here is strong and they have been incredibly kind and receptive (especially to us as sisters). The youth are all great. Our ward mission leader Bence is really nice and seems really like a very hard worker. The tracting and streeting we've done so far has already gone pretty well and I have high hopes for this pretty city. Everyone I have met so far has been really kind. I have a long way to go with the language but so far everyone has been really patient with me. I'm excited to really get into the work here in the next several weeks.

Thanks everyone for being so supportive. I hope all is well at home. I don't get mail here very often but Id still love to hear from you. Or if there's something you need me to know quickly just tell my mom to add it to her email. Love you all. I wish all of you could see this beautiful city and get to know the people here. I know I am excited for it.

Szeretlek Minding,
Curtin Növér

P.S. Ok I wanted to add just a little bit before I get off. I wish I had a ton of time but since its an internet cafe it costs money and Sister Kimball still needs this computer. Yes of course I've forgiven you. It was kind of nice to see you and I dont feel bad about it since I didnt have any part in that decision. I hope everything is going well. I miss you but things are good here. Im excited for Erik, I can't wait to see pictures. Tell Dad happy birthday for me and do something super nice for him for me or something. The area is pretty, the language is super hard but I'll get there hopefully. I can't send pictures today but Ill figure something out. You might just have to look up some cool pictures of Pécs for the blog.  Anyway. Love you lots. Give everyone hugs for me. And tell Grandma happy late birthday for me too.
Szeretlek Mindig
Curtin Növér
P.S.S. Thanks for your letter. We got it just as I was leaving the mission home. I read it on the train to Pécs. (you can tell Hailey I got to go on a train too!). I thought it was very thoughtful. Thanks mom.
Michelle with her MTC teachers.

The traditional MTC map picture, "We are going to Hungary!"

Michelle's Hungarian MTC District.

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