Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Note of Explaination and Confession

As you will see from the graphic below, missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints give up a lot of "things" to serve the Lord. Michelle put aside her education, career, and other worldly things because she felt strongly that serving the Lord for 18 months was the right thing to do. The missionary’s families also sacrifice "things" while they serve. We give up being able to talk to them whenever we want(only emails once a week and a phone call twice a year). We often help support them financially while they serve. I wanted to confess publically that I broke the rules. We are not supposed to go to the airport when our missionary leaves the MTC and flies to the country they will be serving in. Monday I knew approximately when Michelle would be checking in for her flight. I just happened to be at the airport when her district arrived to check in for their flight to Hungary. Michelle was not supportive of my decision. The first thing she said to me was, "Mom you are not supposed to be here. You are breaking the rules." Yes, I broke the rules. I am sorry, sort of. I am not sure if you can really repent unless you feel badly for what you have done. I am not sure I feel badly. I needed to see my daughter for 2 minutes. I needed to know that she was really feeling OK. In emails she said she was better, and through the phone call with President Brown I could hear her sweet voice in the back ground saying she was ready to go. But, as a mom when you look at your kids in the face, you have a better understanding of how they really are feeling. I needed that. I needed to look her in the eye. I needed to make sure. I am so glad I went to see her. She looked great!!! She looked beautiful and happy and ready to serve the Lord in Hungary. All of her district looked great. They were so happy and excited. I want the world to know that I had been watching people come and go from the airport for over an hour. You could have been able to tell that these young people were ambassadors for Christ even if they were not wearing their name tags. You could see a light, a joy, a happiness that I can't explain in words coming from this group of young adults. I am telling you. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church. Why else would these beautiful, strong, smart, talented young adults give up their schooling, friends, family, jobs, and other worldly "things" to serve the Lord for 18-24 months? It is truly amazing to me. Michelle said she had not had any pain at all for two day. This would be pretty much about the time we collectively decided that she was well enough to go to Hungary. Maybe this was all just a trail of her faith. I don't know. But I know she is ready to serve and the Lord. I know He will watch over her. I love her and I am so very proud of her for taking this time to dedicate "everything" to the Lord.

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