Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Curtin Nover - Week 2

Sziastok Everyone!

So this computer has a timer. In exactly 22 mins and 10 seconds I will be kicked off, so I'll see what I can get through. It seems nearly impossibly to talk about all of the amazing things that happened in the last week.

First, on Sunday we get to watch Music and the Spoken Word. This time it was very patriotic for Veterans Day and I realized exactly 2 years ago I was there in the tabernacle at that same Music and the Spoken Word. I've realized so much lately how grateful I am for family and thousands of others who have served this country- especially for religious freedom. What a huge blessing. There's an MTC rumor going around that China is going to open to missionaries- whether or not that is true, it makes me re-realize how grateful I am for religious freedom and that I had the freedom to find out that this church is true for myself instead of just being told. I'm also grateful that Hungary has religous freedom so I can go teach them. Along with that note- today we went to the temple. I was given 2 Sweedish names and 3 Hungarian. It's so cool to see know that work for the Hungarians is happening on both sides of the veil.

Lessons and everything have been going well. We're done teaching "Andras" he is now our resource teacher which is really useful. This week we have 3 progressive investigators "Laci", "Lilla" and "David" and we'll be starting TRC this week too (teaching RMs and Hungarian member families). So we will be teaching about 6 lessons in Hungarian each week until we leave. And 2 in English. It's a lot to take in, but it's really exciting to be able to learn and progress and realize that in January, this will be so real. We will be teaching people just like those we are teaching now. I can't wait to invite them to come to Christ. I pray every night that someone will be ready for me to help them. I can't wait to serve them.

My district is still doing good. We still haven't figured out how to upload pictures, so if I can't figure it out today- I will mail home my memory card. If anyone feels like they want to serve the missionaries- one of the best ways to do that is letters. My district (especially the Elders) could use some letters. It's hard to see everyone else get letters each day when they don't. Our district is Peterson Nover (minus the accents on Nover, I don't have time to figure out how to do that...), Chamberlin Nover, Burdick Nover, McCurdy Elder, Hansen Elder, Erickson Elder, Jones Elder and Young Elder. We get a long really well and have a lot of fun together. We also love our older district- especially Oberhansly Nover (the only Sister in that district).- our address is all the same and should (assuming its still there) be on the blog.

I'm very grateful for all of you who have thought of me this week. Laura, Dani and Wendy- thank you for your letters! I will be writing you back later today :) Grandma Erickson- I wrote you back but I hope you get my letter becuase I lost your address so let me know if it doesn't get to you. I also got a box of cinamon rolls from my BYU Bishop (Bishop Warner) when I lived at Le Grande. How awesome is that? I'll be writing him too, but if anyone knows him- tell him thanks. I really appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers that go my way. I have less than 10 mins to finish. This timer is the most stressful thing at the MTC. Honestly- letters (especially "dearelder" letters because they come the same day and are free) are the best way because I have all of Pday until dinner to write letters.

A couple last notes. On Sundays we watch movies and last week we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I forgot that it talks about Hauns Mill in there (where my ancestor Austin Hammer) died. I am so grateful for him and others who sacrified so much for this gospel. Yesterday at the devotional we also watched a movie on the Tanner family who literally lived the law of concecration and gave both funds and time and basically everything to the church. I want to be like that. I want to give everything- EVERYTHING to Christ. There is no better joy than that. Serve WITH Christ, suffer with and for Christ. As Elder Holland said "The road to salvation always goes through Getheseme". I am so grateful for my Savior and hope that I can continue to grow and change and be better prepared to serve him in everything I do.

Well I hope you know I pray for and love you all. Thank you so much for everything. Remember always the love of God and act on it. Serve others. Be grateful for the freedom and religion we have. I know the gospel is true because I had the agency and freedom to find out. It is, I know. and I am so greatful for all I've learned in the last 14 days.

Love always! Seretem Mindig!

Curtin Nover
(Michelle's MTC District: Peterson Nover, Michelle, Chamberlin Nover, Burdik Nover, Hansen Elder, McCurdy Elder, Jones Elder, Erickson Elder, Young Elder)