Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last email before Christmas

Sziastok Everyone!

This is my last email before Christmas. I hope you are all having fun. I don’t really feel any different here. It's white, snowy and peaceful and centered on Christ-just like Christmas time should be, but that's not any different from any other day here at the MTC. Christmas day will be unique though and so I'll write about that next time.

This week has been good. Our Kicsi are here now and they're awesome. The 3 sisters- Sister Westover, Sister Woofinden and Sister Larsen are all great and we love them already. TRC was good this week too. We taught for 40 minutes. It's crazy that when we started, a 10 min lesson in Hungarian seemed so daunting, but now it's hard to keep lessons under time because we have so much to say about Christ. We taught Conner Castagno and after the lesson he asked me what my first name is. Apparently he ran across my blog so he knew who I was and apparently we have a friend in common, small world. (So Conner, if you run across this again, I hope you're having a good holiday and I hope you followed through with the commitment we gave you to serve :). There was also a sister at TRC who just got her mission call to Hungarian. She doesn't speak the language yet, but came to listen. She'll be here in April, so it was fun to meet her briefly. Speaking of April, Sister Dalton (the YW General President) came to teach Relief Society on Sunday and she said that in April there will be 2000 sister missionaries here at the MTC! (To those who have read the Book of Mormon, 2000 should sound familiar). It’s an exciting time. God is hastening his work. The "older" groups of missionaries are reminded almost every day that we need to prepare because we will soon be training and leading in our missions. Speaking of all that- we talked to Sister Dalton and her husband after. Sister Dalton said my companion and I looked familiar and Brother Dalton reminded me that we will be a part of the gathering of the lost tribes. We have been called to call people home. Everyone (whether they realize it or not) is homesick for their Heavenly Home. We've just been called to search out the elect and remind them how to get "home". I'm really excited to get to Hungary. I love those people so much already.

Well I don't have a lot of time. I wish I could write everything. I hope you all are having a Christmas season full of service and family and love and especially Christ. I've kept going on my Book of Mormon project and I've loved learning more about him every day. I'm going slower than I expected because I get so involved in each page. Right now I just finished King Benjamin's address. I love King Benjamin (He might be one of my favorites), because he's such a great leader. Why is he such a great leader? Because he knows how to lead, he serves, is humble, raises a good family, and lives in righteousness. But why is he that way? Because he knows the source of all of his blessings, he knows his authority, his family, his life comes from Christ. The little baby who was born in Bethlehem gives us all. We were reminded in the devotional last night, the only thing we even kind of have to freely give back is our agency- we can chose to give our lives to Him. We can choose to serve Him and live for Him. He deserves so much more, but if we really truly love him we will serve. What are you giving Christ this Christmas?

I love you all and hope all is well.
Sister Curtin

P.S. To my Washington friends- I got the traveling journal back from Brianna this week :) which was super exciting. So whoever wants it next needs to be the first one to send me a letter with a promise you'll send it to me while I'm in Hungary :) (The best way to write me quickly is by using because those come the same day). Anyway- love you all and miss you and hope you're all enjoying this season. I'd love to hear from you all. Merry CHRISTmas!! Kellemes Karacsony!


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