Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Halfway through the MTC

Sziastok Everyone!

We are officially more than halfway done here at the MTC. Our "Kicsi"- the new group of Hungarian missionaries should be getting here in just an hour or so. The 3 sisters will be our roommates, so we're really excited for them. It's been a good week. At TRC, we taught 2 native Hungarians. It was way fun and super humbling. I'm so excited to get to Hungary and teach though. They're such wonderful people.

It's weird how everyone always talks about the MTC as being way different than the rest of the world, but it is. The other day my companion had to pick up some medicine from the student health center, so we left campus. It was weird to see things like a TIME magazine. It was also a good reminder that we are representatives of Christ. Here, everyone is. But once we leave, people will look to us and watch and we need to be ready. I'm really excited.

Christmas time is good here. We've had a lot of good devotionals and other fun Christmas related things. The BYU men's chorus came and sang and they did a beautiful job. I love all that I learn here. I'm still working on my Book of Mormon project. I've loved it. Christ does so much for us. It's made Christmas (and life) more meaningful. Please don't forget Him.

Thank you to everyone who thinks of us missionaries during this time. We love serving the Lord, but it would be a lie if any of us said it is easy to go through Holidays away from family. We're grateful to be here and excited to serve, but it's not easy. So thank you for the way you serve missionaries, just by remembering us.

Our lessons have been going well. One of our investigators doesn't have faith in Christ. So for my last lesson as a senior companion (we switched halfway through), I told Sister Peterson that we should stop planning and tell each other why the Savior matters to us. We did and I'm so grateful, because once we got into the lesson, I could actually bear testimony of Christ. I told her that I don't just believe in Christ, I know Christ lives. Looking back, I know he has directed every step of my life. The spirit was there, and I hope I can keep that with me when I get to Hungary to tell people that same truth.

I'm running out of time, but here's something I learned from the devotional last night:
"My refiner’s fire is a different color than others, but I still must go through it with a happy, humble, willing, and grateful heart. It's just as hot and just as meaningful. Take His hand and GO. Now is the time to consecrate your life. If you don't let go of the rail on this side- you're going to be pulled knee deep through the coals on your way. Just let go of that, hold onto Him and Go. You can't comprehend the glory of the other side, but his eyes see perfectly, he knows the fire is nothing compared to the green pastors beyond. you can overcome the fire, and rest in peace with the utmost joy; with those you love- including Him who led you through the smoke and flames"

I love you all. I hope you're having a very joyful Christmas time. I miss you all, but Christ probably misses you more. Don't leave Him alone.
Love Always!
Sister Curtin

Most of the Hungarian Missionaries

All the Hungarian sister missionaries at the MTC

Hungarian Elders Reflection

The crowded Hungarian classroom.

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