Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New Way to Study the Book of Mormon

Sziastok Everyone,

 This Saturday will mark our half-way point in the MTC. It goes by really fast. Our "Osi" (the older group) left this week. They're in Hungary now. It's weird here without them, but I know they'll do great. Sister Oberhansley, who was the only Sister in that district, passed down a Book of Mormon and a Journal to me that the Hungarian sisters have passed down for a couple years now. The Book of Mormon has everyone's favorite scriptures highlighted and the journal has stories from them. It's been fun to read, and I'm excited to add to it right before I leave too.

The language is coming along-apparently a lot faster than normal. Our district is the first to try the 9-week program. So we're doing the 9-week program in 12 weeks, which means that we will have a lot of time to polish up grammar and what-not, so that's exciting. We still have a lot to learn though. We really need to step up our game too, because when we get there, there will be about 18 sisters total and then the group after that will add 11 more. So we will be almost doubling the amount of sisters in our mission. This means we're going to have to be prepared to train ridiculously fast. We've got a lot of preparation to do, but I'm excited. Our "kisci" group comes a week from today and I'm excited to get to know some of those amazing sisters.

We've been reminded a lot lately in devotionals and elsewhere how important the Book of Mormon is. So I've decided I want to read it all before I leave the MTC. I didn't want to just read it the normal way, I wanted to get something personal out of it. So this week I started a project. I feel like I really need to be as close as I can with Christ before I leave the MTC or I will not be prepared to lead as quickly as He needs me to be. So as I read the Book of Mormon, I am marking my scriptures based on one major question: "How can I gain a closer relationship with Christ". I have a pen with 4 colors- blue, green, red and black. Things I mark in Blue are "Who He is", things in red are "What He did" things in green are "Why He did it" and things in black are "What He wants for me". I'm only to 1 Nephi 9 so far, but every single page is filled with ink. I've loved the project so far. I've taken my mini- Book of Mormon almost everywhere, because I know I can't finish in just our normal allotted time. I read it whenever there is a spare moment. Like yesterday for choir we sang silent night. The Elders sang the second verse by themselves, so I read the Book of Mormon while they practiced their part. It's amazing how much time you can find if you ask God for it. That little 5-10 min time to read was really cool too, because of what they were singing about. They sang "Shepherds quake at the sight..." as I read about the Mercy of Christ in the Book of Mormon; and I'm not sure what exactly the author of that song meant, but sometimes when I feel the Holy Ghost, I quite literally get the chills and "quake", I felt that then and I love how often I can find the spirit strongly here. I'm excited to continue this project. If anyone else wants to join me in the project- I would very much suggest it. I'm planning on finishing by January 14th when I leave for Hungary, but if I can- I would love to finish by Christmas. I think Christmas will mean something much more profound this year because of it. "Come and adore Him".

I hope you all are having a great Christmas season. I hope to hear from you soon. Love and miss you.

God Loves You.
Curtin Nover


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