Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Will to Win

So today, I went to BYU to quickly see my friend "Hermana Simpson" before she went to the MTC TODAY! I'm super excited for her. (My roommate ShanShan took some pictures, so if I get those before I head out, I'll post them here).

Anyway, on the way there I passed a sign on a little marathon-shoe store. This is what it said (well in general, I'm not sure if I'm quoting it right, I had to keep my eyes on the road while driving..):

"The Will to Win is Nothing
If there is no Will to Prepare"
Love it! Also.. I only have 2 weeks to finish prepping. I've had almost half of a year to prepare but I still feel so unprepared. Guess I better get running.
Love Always,

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