Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Drop

October 31, 2012

Today is Halloween for most everyone in the United States, but for me it was one of the hardest days of my life! We woke up early, Michelle is officially a missionary and needs to be up by 6:30 a.m. The whole family woke up early and had breakfast together before Andrew had to go to school. Then David gave Sister Curtin a father’s blessing. How grateful we are to have the Priesthood in our home. It was a very nice blessing and I could feel the love between Dave and Michelle as I listened to the words. Andrew had to leave for school, so there was big hugs and a few tears, but then Andrew came back in the door to give Michelle one more hug, now with big tears in his eyes! I know that he will miss her very much. I haven’t seen my boys cry very often. I think only at funerals, but they both had tears saying good-bye to their sister.

With missionary rule keeping spirit, Michelle talked me into exercising with her. We took River on her last walk with Michelle for 18 months. It was a beautiful morning. Then we got ready for the big, drop off. On the way to the MTC Michelle wanted to get her niece a gift and some more paper and envelopes to write letters home, so please write to Michelle. Her addresses are posted to the right on the blog. I will post all her letters here.

We were still a bit early so we walked around the temple. This seems to be a popular thing to do because there were several families doing the same thing. We took pictures for a family with their missionary going to Texas. We had some sister missionaries going to Russia take this picture of us. It was such a beautiful fall day. It was nice to sit on the temple grounds in the sun, but too soon it was time for the drop.

We drove over to the MTC. The senior missionary that directed us, said the last 3 cars were all missionaries going to Hungary and he had a relative that was one of the first missionaries sent to Hungary “after the wall fell in the early ‘90s”. We drove down the side walk and stopped where we were directed…then it was time…

Saying good-bye to her and watching her walk away was one of the hardest things. I will miss her terribly. I know she is doing the right thing. I know she will make a wonderful missionary, but watching her go was very hard. I didn’t want to let her go. I just wanted to keep hugging her.  I have had the Tim Magraw song, My Little Girl in my head all week and it started again.


Gotta hold on easy as I let you go
Gonna tell you how much I love youThough you think you already know
I remember I thought you looked like an angel
Wrapped in pink, so soft and warm
You've had me wrapped around your finger
Since the day you were born

Your beautiful baby from the outside in
Chase your dreams but always know the road
That'll lead you home again
Go on, take on this whole world
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl

When you were in trouble that crooked little smile
Could melt my heart of stone
Now look at you, I've turned around
And you've (already) grown
Sometimes you're asleep I whisper
 'I love you'In the moonlight at your door
As I walk away, I hear you say"(Mom and Dad), love you more"

Your beautiful baby from the outside in
Chase your dreams but always know the road
That'll lead you home again
Go on, take on this whole world
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl...(the next verse is for when she gets home.)

I texted the family and told them we just dropped off our missionary. My brother Lance texted back, “Scariest thing I’ve heard this Halloween.” I couldn’t agree more! Happy Halloween Sister Curtin, yep- she is being a Mormon Missionary for Halloween this year!

Yes, I cried all the way home!

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