Monday, October 1, 2012

Temple Ten Point Five: Nature

Temple 10.5 was really a couple trips into the mountains by our house. Mountains and nature are often used historically when temples are not available. Examples of this can be seen from Adam to Moses to Modern days. A couple of days ago I took my dog on a hike called battle creek. It was much needed fresh air and beautiful views.

The view once I got towards the end of my hike

The view behind

It's much more spectacular in real-life
I listened to my newly fresh ipod playlists for most of the time. (which currently includes the Lion King song "He Lives in You" which is a pretty awesome song to listen to when you're hiking and a large bird-probably hawk or eagle?- flys low over your head. Just sayin'). I read my scriptures at the top and I happened to be on the story of the Brother of Jared. If you don't know that story well enough, you should read it and then you'd know what it's a great one to read in the mountains. It was a great quick hike.

We also have a tradition of driving what's know as the "Alpine Loop" on or around my birthday every year. Since this year on my birthday we had about 50 family members over for an "early thankgiving dinner/ birthday party", we ended up going the day before my birthday. I love this tradition because it gets us out of the house and allows us to spend time together in our beautiful mountains.

A photo I take every year. Sadly this year the smog
is noticable, but at lest the aspins look great.

Cascade springs
I'm greatful that I had these couple quick trips up the mountain to get me out of the "real" world for a little bit. It's much needed sometimes.

Love Always.

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