Monday, September 17, 2012

Temple Seven and Eight: Time and Again

Temple Seven was to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. (I'm still looking for the photos for this one- we took some but I can't remember what camera/memory-card they are on). This trip we wanted to be another family one. It's hard to get us together when both of my parents work, I worked and my little brother was going to school/band. Honestly, we were a little pessimistic about making it there on time. But I was confident we could do it and even said a little prayer that we could, without stressing or rushing, make it to the temple together on time. Well, work was super slow for me so they let me off early (so early that I had time to get get a hair cut first) and the work my dad was supposed to do couldn't get done until other coworkers finished their job, so he got off early too. We made it, no stress. It was a beautiful temple. I loved sitting in the chapel waiting to start, because the sun was setting on that side, and the way the frosted glass was situated, the sun was intensified. It made the room extremely bright and glorious. It was a great temple trip to have together.

I should mention in between here, that I went with my ward back to the Timpanogous temple which was fun to go back to since that's where I started. I went there on a Tuesday and my mom and I went to our eighth temple a couple days later.

Temple Eight was to the Provo Temple. I've been to that temple several times since I was going to school down in Provo, but this was the first time I went up the stairs instead of down to the baptistery.
The Provo Temple
I was really congested and really tired, so I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to stay awake, or at least be able to stay focused. So I prayed that I would at least be able to have a clear enough mind to focus. And I did. That simple prayer was answered. The celestial room at that temple was also very special. I didn't know until then that that is where my friend Josh from Washington, who died in a car accident, had his work done by his family. Being in that celestial room was a good experience. I also loved the smell of the rain when we came out because it reminded me of Washington (amazing that I could smell considering I was so congested before hand). Once again, a great temple experience.

The next post will be about Temple Nine which was not a typical temple trip, it was to the Brigham City Open house which was a fun experience.

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