Thursday, September 20, 2012

Temple Nine: Stars and Blossoms

Temple Nine was to the Brigham City Open house, so it was a little different experience. As we pulled up on the bus, I noticed (or at least I thought I noticed) that the motifs at the top of the temple were half stars and half cherry blossoms (correction- mom says they were actually peach blossoms). I thought that was kind of strange at first. But then, after looking closer, I realized that the motifs changed depending on how the light from the sun hit them. Way cool.
The Brigham City Temple. Not a great picture, but a beautiful temple.
Since it was an open house, there were thousands of people there. We waited in line with my family's ward. The line started in the parking garage, so with so many people, it was incredibly loud and echoey (not sure if that's a real word, but oh well). I thought once we got into the temple it would be much quieter. It did get quieter, but not silent when we walked in the doors. However, as we climbed up floor by floor, it got quieter and quieter and brighter and brighter until we got to the Celestial room where it was nearly silent and astonishingly bright and beautiful.

I also loved walking behind the cute Osmond family with their young children. One of their kids, a little boy probably about 2, would look up at the beautiful ceiling and whisper "wowwww!". However, he was still a 2 year old, wiggly and bored, so his dad helped keep his attention by having him keep an eye out for the pictures of Jesus. Their little girl kept count of the paintings of Jesus too, I'm not sure how many she ended up counting, but I know it was more than 16. It was nice to have a reminder of who the temple is for at almost every corner.

I loved being able to take the time to see all of the many details in the temple. People have put an extraordinary amount of time and detail into it. Even the little things like the cherry blossoms being found throughout the temple- from the little details on chairs, to the extravagant ceilings. You can tell, because of the detail and beauty, this House was made for the Lord.

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