Saturday, August 25, 2012

Temple Six: Historic Beauty

Temple Six was to the most well know LDS Temple: The Salt Lake City Temple. It was a full and beautiful day. We started off doing baptisms with my mom's young women. The doors throughout the temple, even to the dressing rooms, were amazing. They are tall, skinny and heavy; and have intricate handles. A cute young beehive who was doing baptism for her first time, did our family name baptisms. I then did the confirmations. 
Me at the Salt Lake City Temple

Then we went to do initiatories.Once again I had a reminder that I'm supposed to go to Hungary on my mission. They asked us to do some temple names with our family names and just like at the Manti temple, they were Hungarian names. They were meant for me. Another small miracle.
I then took an Icelandic ancestor the rest of the way through. The inside of the Salt Lake Temple is just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than the outside. It's amazing that back in pioneer days, they sacrificed for years to crate such an amazing building.
It was a wonderful experiencing to be able to spend several hours in the Salt Lake Temple.

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