Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Temple Four and Five: Genealogy Work and Sickness

I know.. I know... I'm way behind. But soon I'll have enough time to catch up because I'll be switching to part time work and then I'll be completely done. I'm actually up to my 6th trip, but I figured I'd only squeeze two in today.
The Draper Temple

Number Four was the Draper Temple. Luckily I keep a journal or everything would be mixed up all together for me by now. Here is a little piece of my journal from the Draper Temple:
"I like Draper because it's nestled up in the mountains where I've gone hiking several times... my mom and I did [work] for two ancestors- probably sisters: Hanna and Anna Hokinson born 2 years apart....when we got to the car we realized that we left the name cards so we went back. On the way back my mom was crying again and she stopped and said 'I'm supposed to tell you that this work you are doing- this genealogy work and temple work is part of your mission'. I am so grateful for a mother who is willing to listen to promptings and act. her message was an answer to prayer and somewhat of a fulfilment of a promise...."
Me at the Draper Temple
I think that says enough for me.

Temple Five was the Jordan River Temple. I went to the Jordan River Temple with my mom and my little brother did some family baptisms while we were there. It's a good thing that the temple is quite, because my voice was going and going and almost gone. The Jordan River Temple was helpful in making some little decisions. I had been offered a head position at work even though they knew I was leaving in a few months. It was a really tempting position because it would give me a little more money and a great resume spot. However, it also meant that I would have even less time for my family and for preparing for my mission. I realized at the temple while talking to my mom, that I needed to turn down the position and work on better prioritizing my last couple months before I leave. Being sick also turned out to be a blessing because it meant that I could finally take a day to slow down and sleep in. My job has been a blessing in helping pay for my mission, but I also learned a lot that day about prioritizing.

Andrew and I in front of the Jordan River Temple

The next one I will be writing about is the Salt Lake Temple. It needs its own post so hopefully I will get that done soon. I will also be going to another temple this week with my family so I'll have some catch up to do, but I'll get there.
Love Always.

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