Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Temple Two: Confirmation

It's my day off. Later today I'll be going to our 4th temple, but first I want to write about my second temple trip. That one was to the Manti Temple.

My mom and I at the Manti Temple

My mom and I made a full-day trip to go to the Manti temple. Manti is where my parents got married so it was a very special thing to be able to go there. We had a lot of family names and a lot of time, so we decided to start off by doing a few baptisms. I had about 5 or so names to do, which is normally plenty but when we got down to the baptistery they asked if I would be willing to do some temple names as well. We had time, so I said sure.

The baptistery at the Manti temple reminds me of a story book. It has some really cool murals on the walls with hand painted scriptures. After doing the baptisms, I changed so that I could do confirmations. My mom waited in the little chapel area and talked to the cute temple workers while I changed. When I walked back out, one of the temple workers greeted me and shook my hand and said with a huge, sincere smile, "WOW! Congratulations! That is soo cool!"
I was a little thrown off by his enthusiasm, but then he said "Did you know the temple names you just did were Hungarian??". I didn't. No one had planned it. The workers didn't even know until after I was baptised that I was going on my mission to Hungary. What an overwhelming little miracle to confirm to me that I am going where the Lord wants me. It was no coincidence.

Me in front of the Manti Temple

Maybe I will, unknowingly, meet the descendants of those Hungarian sisters who I was baptized for in the Manti temple. I may never know, but after my temple trip to Manti, I do know that I am going where the Lord wants me to go- it couldn't be any more clear.
The rest of my experience at the Manti temple was also beautiful. I ran into one of the same workers from the baptistery throughout the experience which was fun and it was really cool to be able to take a name (one of my great-great... relatives from Iceland) all the way through the process at the temple in one day. The actual structure and history of the Manti temple is also beautiful and amazing. It was a particularly beautiful temple experience for me.

Love Always.

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