Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Temple Three: Time for Sleep

I really need to be more consistent with this. I'm writing about my 3rd temple trip today, but tomorrow I will be going on my 5th.
This one worked out perfectly as far as timing goes. Two of my best friends were in town to visit me and I wasn't sure when I was going to have time to also do a temple trip since they wouldn't be able to come with me. But, everything worked out perfectly. If you have a desire to go to the temple, you will get there.
The way it worked was that on my friends' way out of town they took me down by my brother's house and we went golfing with my niece (way fun!). Then they dropped me off at my brother's house and headed back to Washington. About that same time was when my mom could get off work and so she came to pick me up and we went to the Bountiful temple which is pretty close to where my brother lives (and is where he got married which is also cool).

Me in front of the Bountiful, UT Temple

Every time I've gone to the temple thus far, I've received little personal blessings/miracles. The one for the Bountiful temple came afterwards. After leaving, we were really hungry, but it was already late and we were still about an hour from home. I was stressed because I knew I had to open at work the next day which meant that if we didn't get home soon, I'd get only a few hours of sleep. Stressed wasn't exactly the feeling I wanted to have after spending the day at the temple. So, then the blessing came. I got a text asking if I could switch shifts. That meant that I could sleep in just enough to get a healthy amount of sleep. I know that doesn't sound like anything special, but it relieved so much weight. Turns out that Lexi, who I switched with so she could go to soccer practice, didn't end up having soccer practice after all. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me- that simple action was a blessing from going to the temple again.

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