Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Calling

Yesterday was quite the day. This is roughly how it went:

6:30a My mom came in and jumped on my bed and told me good morning
7:30a I finally actually get out of best and go run on the elliptical
8:00a Took a shower and then made breakfast for my little brother and myself while listening to Josh Groban (of which he put on the floor, fell back asleep, and when he woke up again and went to say his prayers- knelt in the toast and eggs)
9:30a  Clean the family room, clean the kitchen, clean my room, clean the balcony... (Also while listening to Josh Groban)
My mom got a bunch of candy from foreign countries 

11:30 Read Elder Packer's Book (The Holy Temple)
11:45 Make my little brother check the mail
12:30 Take my little brother to work
1:00 Go to Smiths and get flower and something to use to make my survival book (Maybe I'll explain that later when I finish it)
2:00 Come home. Check the mail.
2:30 Finish Reading Elder Packer's Book
3:00 Work on my survival book
3:15 See the Mailman drive past
3:15 Walk slowly to the mailbox- bring MISSION CALL back inside
3:16 Put Mission Call on the table and the leave to pick up my brother from work
3:25 Read a little from the handbook, listen to music and fall asleep in the car
4:05 Get little brother and drive to Roy
6:00 Go to Hailey's Dance recital
Hailey is on the left dancing to "Little Prayer"
6:20 Go get Shake's to celebrate Hailey's awesomeness
8:15 Get home and start getting ready
9:15 Friends show up to open the call
9:20 Read the following:
"Dear Sister Curtin, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Hungary Budapest mission... you should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, October 31, 2012"

All of my friends who were there :)
11:30 Finally go to sleep listening to Hungarian Disney music after friends go home and family goes to bed.

Okay, so that's not exactly the schedule of a missionary, but I'll get there.
I have my call! It's still sinking in.
Before getting the call, I thought of all the places I could go (and friends and family guessed away).
I thought of going state-side: I wouldn't mind, but I felt nothing.
I thought of going to South America: the closest I've been is Mexico so that would be cool, but I felt nothing.
I thought of going to Asia: My dad went to Japan and my friend from China would love it, but I felt nothing.
I thought of going to Africa: I've always wanted to go there- it would be so cool, but I felt nothing.
I thought of going to Europe: I felt something.

I'm excited and terrified to go. I have soo much to do before going. I want to learn as much of the language as I can, but supposedly it's really hard (But could it be any harder than Icelandic?). I still have so much to learn about Hungary (considering I know very, very little), but I'm excited and feel good about it. It'll be an adventure for sure.

Love Always (Mindig Szeretni),

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