Saturday, May 19, 2012

Journal Entry 59: I Will Go and Do


I don't think I already mentioned this, but my papers have moved onto the last stage before going to the First Presidency. I'm just waiting to get an interview with the stake and then they can move on. My friend Jessica who was my roommate my sophomore year, is also planning to go on her mission. Her availability date is only about 15 days before mine, so we've been going through this process kind of together. 
"Wednesday May 16, 2012
Today is my day off of work this week. Sometimes even on my day off I work with Braxton or teach art lessons, but today I didn't. It's a real 'day off' and it's been nice. My dad took me to lunch again and I've exercised, planted glower for my mom, done some dishes and read some of Packer's Holy Temples book. Otherwise, I've been pretty lazy. I should be more productive, but it's nice not to have to be. 
I'm still waiting to hear from the stake which should supposedly happen this week. Jess put her papers in yesterday, so she should know soon. It's so exciting yet terrifying still. I have so much preparing I still need to do. I'm so impatient- I really want to know where I'm going so that if I have to learn a language, I can start working on it. But who knows- maybe I'll get called English speaking to somewhere like Minnesota like the dream I had forever ago.
Some of my old roommates and I at a devotional a year or so ago
 (Jess and I are on the end)
 We'll see. I know I'll go where God wants me though- he's directed me places thus far- both here and throughout the world. I need to trust Him. I'll be in God's hands wherever I am and hopefully I'll be prepared enough to make the difference there that he needs me to make. I do have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Love Always,
I'll make sure to update the progress of my papers under the "The Missionary" page on here. It's getting closer and closer. I'm grateful for everything that has thus far lead me to now.
Love Always,

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