Friday, May 18, 2012

Journal Entry 58: The Way Home


I've written about a lesson that my neice Hailey has taught me before. She taught me another on Mother's day...
"Monday May 14, 2012
Yesterday was another great day. I met with my bishop and the papers are now onto the stake. And since it was mother's day, the Curtin side of my family came over. Hailey and Daniel and Lynette came over first and I hung out with Hailey in the backyard.
My mom with my neice Hailey. Love these two
 Hailey was laying in the Hammock and I asked her if she'd write me lots of letters when I was on my mission and she said 'Yes, I'll write- Dear Shelly and Grandpa and Grandma and Bill' and I said 'Well I'm the only one going on a mission' and she said  something like 'well I have to write it so you remember my family. I have to remind you of the way." So I asked 'The way?' and she said 'The way home'. THat girl is full of symbollic lessons for me. Then a couple mins later after she's been 'laxin'' in the hammock, she said 'Shelly?' and I said 'Yeah Hailey?' and she said 'I love you Shelly'. Hailey might be the hardest to leave because she'll change a lot in a year and a half. I'll miss her a lot. 
This was actually for my grandparent's 50th. We recreated some wedding pics.
This was one of my favorites- great examples of pure love :)

The rest of the day was good too. Spending time luahging with the family watching my cousin Brandon on AFV. It was a good day. I need more of that.
Love Always,
Both sides of my family have been great supports for my mission. Missionaries get to call home on two days- Christmas and Mother's day. My cousin Wesley (who I've talked about on here) called while his family was over. His sisters miss him a lot, but they know he is doing something wonderful and something he really believes in. My cousins who are now on missions are great examples to me. I can't wait to join them.
Love Always,

My grandma with my cousin Wesley (at my great grandma's funeral).
Both are great examples.

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