Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Journal Entry 56: Progress


Sometimes the hardest situtations, the challenges, the dissapointments are the ones that truly are the most beautiful miracles. My cousin Kai has been through a lot in his little 2 years. But there have been a lot of mini-miracles because of who he is. 

"Sunday April 32, 2012
I've procrastinated again. I have so much to write in the next 15 mins. First off, I'm done with school. After I finished my last final presentation, and after work, I drove to Morgan to help my grandparents take care of Kai. My cousin Kai has autism and is really struggling. He's 2 and can't walk and bites through his hands. But he did really well with me and my grandparents. I love that kid...
My Cosuin Kai
 I'm glad I went down to help, because I got to talk to my grandparents a lot. We talked late one night about everything from the gospel to family. I loved it.
My grandparents taking care of Kai while he watches his favoirte- Baby Einstein
 I need to back up now, because I forgot to say that my dad came to help me move out and took me to lunch and we talked about going on a mission and he talked about how service was the best way to proselyte on his mission and then he said that he thought I'd make a great missionary. That meant a lot. 
And now to jump forward- I finished reading the Book of Mormon today. And then I said my prayers and I felt the spirit when asking if it really was true. It is. And it's a good thing I know that if I'm going to go share and teach about it somewhere in the world. Now I have to leave for church. Back to the Lone Peak Singles Ward today.
Love Always,
There's been a lot of slow progress throughout my life- both in spiritual matters and family matters. I'm grateful for both.
Love Always,

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