Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Journal Entry 55: Softball and Roasted Peeps


Family time and holidays are my favorite. They almost always teach (or re-teach) me new things.

"Sunday April 7, 2012
Happy Easter! I'm at my house in Highland and I still have to drive back to my apartment in Provo, so I can't write long, but I wanted to write.
Today was a fantastic day. I went to church with my family and talked briefly to their bishop. I can start my mission papers now. The decision is becoming more final. It's terrifying, but exciting.
then my extended (Erickson) family came over. We had dinner all together and my grandma and grandpa bore their testimonies about the Atonement and other Easter-related topics. My grandpa has always been a crier, buy my grandma isn't, but this time she did. She talked about forgiveness and heaven. My grandpa also talked about that and referred to things he regretted- I can only think of him as perfect, so when he asked us to forgive him for things he'd done wrong, i couldn't think of a single thing. I wonder if that's how God is like after you've used the atonement and he 'Remembers it no more' and just loves you fully.
I'm so grateful for my grandparents and their examples.
My Grandpa and Grandma Erickson

After dinner we spent a lot of quality time together- mostly outside. We played some unofficial softball and even my grandma and grandpa took some swings up at bat. We had a fire and the kids roasted peeps. It was fun to play softball (even in my church dress) and just spend time with the family. I truly believe that families are a part of God's eternal plan. When they bring that much joy and love- how could they not be? Anyway, it's time for bed (well... driving to Provo first). So goodnight
Love Always,
This is actually from Christmas not Easter, but my family always does fun things together.
Here my Uncle is playing the guitar with my cousin Lexi while the younger kids played whatever
they wanted. Maybe not beautiful music, but beautiful moments.

I really am grateful for the family that I have. Not only do I have an amazing immediate family, but I have a fantastic extended family. Families are so vital to life and I'm grateful for their support and all that they teach me.
Love Always,

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