Monday, May 14, 2012

Journal Entry 54: Elder Featherstone


As I read back through my journals, I've noticed how often I'm blessed with "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities. 

"Tuesday March 26, 2012
 Today I got to go to a special fireside for just our ward with Elder Vaugn Featherstone. It's a miracle that I got there on time because I work in Lehi with Braxton until 6 on Tuesdays and I'm normally in Highland until at least 9pm (the fireside was at 7pm) But prayer and planning got me there just on time.
 The Fireside was cool. He talked about the temple and then allowed for quick Q&A session. It was much too short, but indeed spiritual. For someone like me, who hasn't gone through the temple yet, it felt like a very personal and insightful temple-prep class.
This is a painting I did for my parents of the Manti temple where they were married
 He touched on some things that I've never heard touched on before and I probably won't hear toughed on again. It was also cool how well versed he was in poems and scriptures, so much so that sometimes I didn't catch his transition from speaking to quoting.
I met him after and he complemented on my necklace (a black one my mom got for me from Tipan- she also gave one to Laurie Ward- it looks like a charm bracelet). He's a nice, friendly and real man. I'm grateful that I was able to make it in time to listen to this inspired man and learn more about the temples. What a great experience.
Love Always.
 I'm so glad I made it to that fireside. It was so insightful and helped me refocus my goal on getting to the temple in the next couple of months.
Love Always,

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