Sunday, May 13, 2012

Journal Entry 53: This Project


It's official. I've caught up to myself. This next entry is from about 53 days ago ;)

"Friday March 23, 2012
So I've started this 'Project' on a blog that I have ( where I'm going back in my journal to trace the origins of my testimony. It's called 'The Evolution of a Testimony'. In it I talk about being a good journal keeper, so I guess I better keep writing so I'm not a liar. I have been meaning to write anyway. 
For my mission prep class we had to practice a mission discussion and my roommate ShanShan, who isn't a member, let me practice on her. I talked to her about the plan of salvation, and since I'm not a real missionary, I cheated a little and showed her some of the mormon messages on youtube (like the 'moments that matter most').

We read some scriptures, she asked questions and I did my best to answer. But I didn't pretend to know anything I didn't. I even explained to her that I've had my periods of doubt. I told her that I'd come to the conclusion that there seems to be only 2 options for me. Either 1) this church is true or 2) life doesn't matter and there is nothing beyond death. I told her about the connections I feel to my ancestors and others who have passed on. I don't know if she recognized it, but when I bore my testimony on that- the spirit was there. 
This was an attempt at a painting I did of my great-grandmother whom I am named after
 I let her say the prayer at the end and she chose her words wisely. She asked God to help her know for herself. She is a wonderful roommate. It was a little different then a normal missionary experience, sitting on my bed watching youtube videos, but it was a good one. I'm grateful for that opportunity.
Love Always,

Pretty crazy that I've caught up to myself. I didn't know if I'd actually be able to keep up and make it this many days in a row. I'm glad I did though. I only have 6 more pages of my journal before there is empty space so we're almost at the end of this project.
Love Always,

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