Saturday, May 12, 2012

Journal Entry 52: I Raised My Hand


I was never the person to plan to prepare for a mission. I'm a planner by nature, but I didn't plan on that. Because of that, I wasn't sure I really was supposed to go. But then someone reminded me that I had always planned on doing the work of Christ...

"January 20, 2012
I have to leave for school in a few mins, so this won't be long, but I thought I should write really quick. Today I went with Brittany Brown (a girl I visit each) to the temple. I read Alma 26(ish)-30ish while I was there that talks about missionary work. Then the temple president came down for a few minutes. He talked about the importance of temple work. And he said something that really stood out. 
This is me, my little brother and my mom outside the temple
on one of the days that we did some Icelandic family names

Remember how I talked about not planning on serving a mission and how I hadn't raised my hand in primary when they asked who'd go- well the temple president said something like- 'I'm going to remind you of your pre mortal life- we were all there when Christ said he would go and you raised your hand to support Him. You agreed to do the work'. I don't remember the exact phrase the president said, but what I remember most that I raised my hand. I did agree to do the work. I need to focus more on preparing. I need to be more willing to raise my hand again and say 'I will go and do'.
Love Always,

I did raise my hand. I already volunteered.
Love Always.

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