Friday, May 11, 2012

Journal Entry 51: Remember Who You Are


So, even though my last entry was a huge turning point, that was 7 months ago. A lot has happened since then, so even though it would have been perfect to end on day 50, I'm going to keep this going. Preparing for a mission after that initial day has been hard, but God had little reminders for me every step of the way. 

"Tuesday November 1, 2011
 I'm going to start with the most import thing and go backwards. President Thomas S. Monson came to BYU today. I said a prayer before I left this morning that he'd say something that would have specific value to me. Guess what he spoke about!? being an example and bringing others to Christ! Very mission relevant. 
He also talked about an example of scripture study that involved a  lot of time and prayer. So I'm going to try to up the quality of my scripture reading. I'm in the "Isiah Chapters" now so it's not easy, but I'm learning. 
I also loved when President Monson talked about being a Light (and when he quoted Lion King- you Are more then you have become. remember who you are!) when he talked about light it reminded me of when my grandfather spoke at my great-grandmother's funeral about light. basically it was a fantastic talk. I sent Candace a message after and thanked her for following the prophet by being an example and light. She's been such a great friend....
A funny picture, but this is me and my friend Candace
 I've had a great weekend and a fantastic day. So many blessings every day of my life. I thank thee O God for a prophet.
Love Always,
We're at the point in my journal when I had already started this blog for a different purpose, so there's going to start being repeats. I talked a little bit about President Monson's devotional here. I'm grateful for so many different reminders of who I need(ed) to be.
Love Always.

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