Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Journal Entry 49: He Loves Us


I've already written about this next entry on here before I started this project: (here) , but here is the actual journal entry:
Hailey when we were camping
 "Sunday September 18, 2011
It's been a beautiful sunday. And even more beautiful because yesterday I went home to watch the BYU/Utah game with my family. During halftime we put Haily to sleep (they were spending the night) so my mom ready her one book, then Hailey had me read my Icelandic children's book to her. It was fun. Then I stayed and talked to her. I asked her about Jesus and she said something like "Yeah, he Loves Us" and she said He talks to her and I asked her what He says and she said "Just, he loves us!" and I asked her about God and she said Jesus told her He loves us.
My nice Hailey
That's all that matters, He love us. Then she said she loved me and gave me a kiss. I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if what she said was literal. Children are so much closer to God, which is why we need to be like them. I smiled and told Hailey to tell me about Heaven, just to see what she'd say and she didn't say anything at first, so I asked again and she said "I'm thinking about it" and so I asked her what she was thinking about and when I asked what she knew about haven she said "I love him". Who knows what she was really referring to, but what a great lesson from a 3 year old. I love that girls so much. I'm excited to someday have a family of my own... sometimes I really wish I could jump in her mind and just know what she's thinking.
Love Always,
He love us, so Love Always.
Love Always.

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