Sunday, May 6, 2012

Journal Entry 46: Healing the Sick


My Sophomore year of college was when I finally moved out and got an apartment. There were 6 of us girls, only one of which I had known before. That was probably my favorite year- we all got a long really well (97% of the time) and we're still really good friends today. But of course, there are always new things to deal with when you move away from home with an apartment full of girls. (For clarification in this next entry- Lai is one of my friends who lives in Fiji, so I used to Skype him late at night because of the time difference)...

"Sunday September 19, 2010
So today has been a rough, but very good day. Last night I did get to talk to Lai. It was really good, he had just been out with the missionaries, so we talked bout how  much he wanted to go on a mission and we shared some scriptures and had some great conversations. Then, (that lasted until about 3am) Jess and I talked for about a half hour more and then about 3:30am we decided to sleep.
My roommates from the beginning of Sophomore year (Candace, Jess, Dani, Me, Felicia, Laura)
So I was saying my prayers when I heard Felicia throwing up, Jess and I went to check on her and she was REALLY sick and in a lot of pain. We were really worried about her, so Jess called Jeff... and asked him to come give her a blessing (it was about 4:00am) he come with his roommate Shawn. They blessed her, he blessed her to get better and be able to go to church and some other things to do with school that I think were personal to her. I honestly thought there was no way she'd be good enough for church. Later her mom picked her up and brought her and her car home. Jess and I cleaned until about 5am. Then, this morning we had waffles and eggs with apt. 44, so I got up at about 9am to get ready.
My roommates and some of our awesome friends from Apt 44
Then when we were about to leave, I got a text from Felicia saying she was coming home for church. I am so grateful for the priesthood.... I think I just need to learn to trust the priesthood and I really learned that in several ways today. I am so grateful. 
Love Always,
Our apartment was so very blessed to have an apartment of great guys (Apt 44) who we were very good friends with. I know we were all grateful to have friends who held the priesthood worthily and were so willing to help (even at ridiculous hours of the morning). The happens of that night were such a testimony to me of the power of the priesthood.
Love Always.

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