Thursday, May 3, 2012

Journal Entry 43: The Book of Mormon


A new journal. I started in on my 18th birthday. On page 2 is an entry about conference.
I've talked about conference before, but this next one was a very memorible one...

"Sunday October 4, 2009,
So this weekend was general conference. Each session has been a different expirence.... This afternoon I went with 10 other people in my ward... to the conference center. We had floor seating which was nice. The hymns b the choir were beautiful. They sound amazing when you are actually there- completely angelic.
All of us before going into conference
 The first speaker was Elder Holland. It was certainly a talk to remember. He had Hyrum Smith's book of mormon and he spoke about the truth of that book. He spoke with confidence, authority, conviction and strength. The whold room was silent as he spoke and when he finished it was like a unison of a breath of amazement. Josh turned to me and said exactly what I was thinking 'Incredible'. It truely was. 
The other talks were amazing too. It was a great conference. When it was over and President Monson was walking off, he waved to everyone and blew a kiss. When he was aobut to leave, he stopped and pointed to a little boy who went and shook his hand. and beause he was so short, he jumped up and gave the Prophet a high five. He also let 2 other kids be lifted up. One of them, he fixed his coat and straightened him up while he spoke to him. Another he just took the time to talk to for a little before he finally waved one more time and walked off. He is such a loving and humble man. Truely a prophet of God. If I had to chose a theme for this confrence (which I do for my BYU class) I would say love. God's love for us. It seems God really wanted to make sure we knew he loves us and that we need to love each other. It really was a great conference. Well it's time for prayers and scriptures so love ya.
Love Always/ MichelleCurtin"
I remember Elder Holland's talk well. And here's a snipit of it for you:

I recently finished reading the Book of Mormon again. And I asked. As Moroni tells us to, I knelt and prayed. The Book of Mormon is full of truth.

Love Always,

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