Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Journal Entry 42: The 400th Page of My Life

This is the last entry from my Blue (second journal). Crazy huh? I'm catching up to myself. 

"Hey Journal,
Today is September 28, 2009. I have 2 days and 4 pages left of my childhood. Kinda a sad thought. Andy got me a new journal though (this same kind, except brown). This book will conclude approximately the 400th page of my life. It's kind of fitting to have me starta  new one when I turn 18. My first one (the Red one) was basically my young childhood- elementary and middle school. THis has pretty much been my teenage/highschool years and now volume III will pretty much )as scary as it sounds) be my college/adult years. Crazy huh? I've been reminiscing about all thsoe days lately, from fairies to crushes to sports to adventures to vacations to friends and family- just everything. I found some old notes from years ago when I was picking up my 1st journal, they weren't taped in so I guess I'll put them here as a final little look back at random stuff..."
I wish I had time to take pictures of or type up each letter that's taped into the last pages of my journal, but that would take way too much time. Almost all of them have some sort of testimony-building experience in them though. A lot of them relate to something I've already written about though. Like there is a letter I started to write but never finished to my friend Jordan, or a letter from my 2nd EFY counselor, the letter Kelsey wrote to me after reading the Book of Mormon or a letter from my friend Andrea at girl's camp. And then, on the back page, I taped in a bunch of clips of my name from different things (name tags and doodles n such). The one I noticed first though, is a fake black name tag that says "Sister Curtin- the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter-day saints" it's a fake missionary tag. Interesting.

Last page of my 2nd Journal

Love Always,

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