Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Journal Entry 41: I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

My extended family is very split on our UofU vs. BYU rivalry. I know that many think going to BYU is cliche and high-and-mighty. Eh, some of that may have truth, but I am so glad I chose to go to BYU. It has provided me with some very unique chances to listen and learn from some wonderful people like the prophet.

One of my Senior pictures- ready for BYU
"Dear Journal,
Today is September 15, 2009. I got to see the prophet today. I went 2 hours early to the Marriot Center BYU devotional and waited in line with Thomas, so we got decent seats (in F19) and we saved one for Jessica who I've become friends with ever since our Freshman Y Group. It was a cool experience. Everyone was talking and then all the sudden everyone stood and went silent in respect for the prophet entering. Then someone starting singing 'We thank thee Oh God for a Prophet' and everyone joined in. Then we sang 'Come listen to the prophet's voice' which of course was beautiful and strong with a full marriot center.

Then a student from Hawaii gave the prayer- it was a beautiful prayer- full of meaning, emotion and truth. He was extreemly greatful for sacrafices made for us to be there today and emotion struck his voice and touched me deeply....

Then combined choir then sang 'I stand all amazed' I'm normally fairly picky with groups singing, but they sounded beautiful and they sang as one. Afterwards the Prophet soke to us about the prophets he knew personally (see my notes). I didn't include the best parts- the parts that illistrated how human (although still divinely inspiured) these men are. He told stories about one... that ran a red light because he was colorblind (thus Pres. Monson offered to drive after) or one that loved putting this stuff in his milk then eating it with a spoon (Thomas S. Monson's face was priceless when describing this and when he concluded by smiling and saying 'I did NOT follow that example') or even when he spoke of one prophet... who after dealing with a parent's complaint noted that some parents are very strange (and then President Monson said 'he chose words nicer than I'd have used- but then again he wasn't in the Navy... that was NOT in my original prepared talk...')

I didn't expect to laugh so much at this devotional. The prophet isn't a perfect man, but he is a chosen, a righteous and a guided man. Only Christ was perfect.

God will never allow his prophets to lead the church astray. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be there today, and the witness I personally had of the truth of it all. I can't describe the feeling- like a warm shiver running though you, but I certainly felt it at times during the devotional. I few to love the Prophet even more, almost in a friend-like way. What an awesome experience, I wish it would have been longer (which I rarely wish about church meetings). I am very blessed to go to BYU where I could have that opportunity. Well despite the amazing beginning to my day, I am exhausted, so I best get to sleep, so goodnight.

Love Always,

I've had several great opportunities to listen directly from the Prophet or one of his counselors. Although not perfect, they are great examples.

Love Always.

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