Monday, May 21, 2012

I Hope They Call Me on A Mission

Well the EVOLUTION OF A TESTIMONY project is over. However, that doesn't mean that my testimony has stopped evolving.

There's been more growth sense, and I assume lots more to come.

I'm now onto my last stage in my mission papers- I have a meeting with the Stake on Sunday and they my papers can go on on the 30th. After that, it's somewhere between 1-3 weeks until I know where I will be going.

One thing I forgot to write about (in my journal and on here) was from Mother's day. On Mother's day, I went to church with my family. There were plenty of talks about mothers, but it also happened to be a missionary's farewell. So, in a combined effort- the primary children sang a medly of "I hope they call me on a mission" and "We'll bring the world his truth". It was awesome.

I'm getting anxious to find out where the Lord needs me.
Soon enough.
Love Always,

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