Monday, April 30, 2012

Journal Entry 40: Set Apart

So this blog is more-or-less revolving around me preparing for a mission. But in reality, I've already been set apart as a missionary for a time. In my first single's ward, I was called as a ward missionary. We worked hard in that calling (much helped by the fact that our mission leader was a fresh returned missionary). This next entry is from when I was set apart. I took out the parts where I talked about what was actually said when I was set apart because they were meant for me, not for a blog, but hopefully it doesn't take away from the meaning.
"Hey Journal,
Today is Sunday September 6, 2009. I don't remember if I told you, but I got called as a ward missionary. The bishop approved it even though I'm still 17. Our mission leader is Cory who just got back from his mission in Chile. Today we got set apoart as ward missionaries. Bethany, Brian and another boy got set apart first and I was grateful to be able to listen to them, because I notices how personal each was, but then mine came and I can't tell you how personal it truly was- I knew that what he was saying was for me and I surely gained a testimony that Brother Jacob is a man called of God and has the priesthood... it was then that I knew and felt that it wasn't brother Jacob, it truely was a blessing from God. Only God could have known my inner desires and the truth of them... I know this is a calling from God and I'm grateful that my testimony could grow today.
Love Always,

Maybe that calling was to give me a fuller desire to share the gospel. No matter what, I'm grateful for the insight God has into my life.

Love Always,

I wasn't actually there for this, but this picture was taken when my great-grandma went through the temple to be sealed to her husband and children. What a blessing missionary work is at any time during someone's life.

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