Friday, April 27, 2012

Journal Entry 37: A Child's Testimony


This next one will be short and sweet after I take out the day-to-day details, but I think that's fitting.
"Hey Journal,
Today is May 9, 2009. Lots to talk about.... Sunday was fast sunday and I just had to talk about one testimony. Little Michael Ebert's. He is Elder Anderson's grandkid. He's 8 I think. He got up and bore his testimony and cried. You expect emotional testimonies from adults, but to see little Michael cry was toughing. It also testified to Bro. Anderson because he obviously has raised some good families. It was good....
Much Love,
This is obviously not Michael,
but he was another little boy in my ward who was a great example.
I babysat him a couple of times, he said I was his "favorite friend" :)
Children in themselves, in their innocence and example, are some of the greatest testimonies of something more to life. Christ loved the little children and you can see that the little children really love Christ.
Love Always.

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