Thursday, April 26, 2012

Journal Entry 36: A Talk


One thing that I love about this church is that we aren't preached to by someone who has gone through some sort of religious school to get a worldly degree of sorts in religion. Instead, we are taught by each other. We all offer up our simple knowledge in regards to the church, in hopes that it will bless the lives of ourselves and others. The next entry is from a talk I gave in church. I was always intimidated to speak in church, because what did I have to say? But if you let God guide your words, he does.

"Hey Journal,

Today is April 26, 2009. My mom and I gave a talk in church today. It was on loving thy neighbor. I focused on how we need to love (not just tolerate) and I even used the triangle (The closer we get to God, the closer we are to each other) and I quoted a lot from President Hinckley's talk 'and the greatest of these is love'. It went well.

One Lady told my mom she cried and had to get up. I guess she's one of the only member in her family and has had a hard time loving her daughter. I'm glad it touched someone in some way because I prayed they would get something out of it.

Well anyway, now I'm outside laying in the grass. It's a beautiful (and very warm) day. Later today though, we are going to the Browning memorial concert because my little brother is playing the saxophone in it. Even though we didn't know them personally, we figure it is a good Sunday activity to go to a memorial.
My little brother playing at the Browning memorial concert
(A family that was murdered by their brother/son in our community)
 Well now I'm going to listen to music and maybe fall asleep (I have 'inspirational' songs on my ipod) I guess I'll write later.

Much Love,

(I'm listening to brighter days by Leeland now)"
The world is so full of both amazing good and terrible wickedness. It's a crazy blend to have to deal with every day, but knowing the God is a part of our lives, makes all of the different.

Love Always,

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