Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journal Entry 35: None Were WIth Him


This next entry is about a talk from conference which obviously impacted me a lot, considering I've already written about it on this blog here (before I started the Evolution of a Testimony project). But, here are the thought from the first time I heard it:

"Hey Journal,

Today is April 12, 2009- HAPPY EASTER! So I haven't written since General Conference, but today would be a good day to talk about one of my favorite talks (it was quoted a lot today in church too) It was by Jeffery R. Holland. It was about Christ's last week. The thing that hit me the most is when he explained how Christ- being perfect- was forsaken by Heavenly Father. He had to be. To know how everyone 'the rest of us' feel. Like when we sin and the spirit is withdrawn from us 'My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?' He pointed out that Christ walked alone, forsaken and betrayed so that we do not have to. It was an incredibly moving talk.
This is a painting that I did as a Young Women's project that year
 Another good talk was by Steven E Snow. It was about change. It was a good one for me with the up coming move and the transition to college. He talked about how we need to move along. He quoted a 5 year old who had said 'I love you too, but I need to get on with my life' children are wise. He gave us 4 points to help us with change. 1) Follow the prophets 2) keep eternal perspective 3) Have faith- move forward in faith (faith and doubt cannot coexist) 4) Be of good cheer....

And an extra note- Neil L. Anderson was called to be an apostle. He is our neighbors- the Hadlocks and my old YW leader sister Ebert's father. He has come to our ward and spoken before and he went to the little Ebert boy's baptism that I babysat the Hales at (I'm not sure if I wrote about it, but it was a great baptism- him and other little cousins sang an AMAZING version of I am a Child of God- it was beautiful!) So it's a neat thing for our ward to be able to know of the apostle. He is definitely a great person. Well I better get going so I'll write soon hopefully.
Love ya.
<3/ MichelleDCurtin"
 I am so grateful to know that my Christ knows what I've gone though and that I am never alone because of him. The words spoken in conference are true.

Love Always.

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