Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Journal Entry 34: Dorian and A White Rose


One of the aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is the strongest testimony to me is it's encouragement to serve others. Nothing has brought in more spirit into my life than service. I'm grateful for all of the different opportunities I've had to serve, and some that continue to impact my life.
"Hey Journal,
Today is March 29, 2009. Yesterday we went to DC because the Valleys are up from Washington . Do you remember Dorian- I used to go to Hawk Ridge (a Theraputic Riding Center) with her. She's 11 now. She has Down Syndrome... she's way cute though. She held onto my arm most of the time. It reminded me of all the Special Needs service I've done. It brought back that good feeling. Service, acceptance... they just make you feel good. It was fun....
Dorian and I by the Washington Monument. Love that girl.
 Then we went home and my mom and I watched the YW broadcast at home because she was sick. It was good though. It was focused on the new value- Virtue. It was cool though because they talked about sister Anderson who is sister Hadlock and sister Ebert's mom (they're in our ward- the Hadlocks are our neighbors) and they showed a picture of the girls. One of the things that stood out to me was when the YW general president told about how she had chosen a white rose as a symbol for her when she was in YW because it represented purity and then years later when she was called to be a general YW president, before she walked out of President Monson's office, he handed her a white rose. it just shows how aware he is. He also spoke. He talked about that the one word we need to remember is Courage. Courage to not judge, courage to be chaste and virtuous and courage to stand up for our standards. It was a good talk. I love the prophet. Conference will be good...

Love Ya,
<3/ MichelleDCurtin"
I honestly don't remember the talks from that YW broadcast, but I'm glad I wrote about them. President Monson is such a great example of deep concern and inspirational care and service.

Love Always,

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