Sunday, April 22, 2012

Journal Entry 32: The Mail Lady

The next entry is finally not about me. It's about some times that my family stood up for what's right or shared the gospel:

"Hey Journal,
Today is Feb 22, 2009. So for once I'm going to try to talk about something other than just myself. I'll start with my little brother (Andrew). I hope tomorrow will go okay for him. Apparently he found that certain boys were sending naked pictures of a girl to other people and Andy told his teacher about it. His teacher told the office about it and I guess they called Andy down so the kids found out that he told. The kids got in trouble so they were mad at him and even threatened him. My parents talked to the assistant principal and they ended up letting him skip school on friday. I'm not sure that'll really help, but either way I hope it's okay for him. At least last year (when I had to witness for drugs being transferred on our bus) they didn't find out who told, plus I'm a girl and older so I think I would have been able to handle it anyway. I'm sure Andy will be okay, but I'm proud of him for doing what's right. It's rough- especially around here where high standard are definitely a minority. 
My little brother's school
 Well now let's end on a better note (obviously I wasn't there for these stories, so I'm not sure how accurate they are, but oh well...)  Anyway- so my mom has met our 'mail(lady)' a couple times. First when she noticed we moved from Carnation, WA she wanted to know if we had known the mail lady in Carnation who had gotten killed, then she asked my mom if I was going on a service mission because she noticed all the letter to me that said fiji AYS expedition on them, then I guess the other day she had to come to the door to drop off a package and she noted that the Hadlocks (they're in our ward and live down the street) and we were the only Mormons she had ever 'known' (she's a little nosy, but nice none-the-less). She said she admired us and told my mom how she'd gone with her grandmother to Utah and seen how beautiful and peaceful temple square is and then she said that (even though she said she could get fired for saying this), but that she would read the back of our church magazines (the Ensign and New Era, etc). I thought that was interesting. We actually get two subscriptions for some reason so my mom is going to try to catch her tomorrow and give her our extra one. I don't know, but I think it's cool that just as a mail carrier she notices the difference in our lives. Well I better get to bed. It's only 9:24 pm (way earlier than normal), but I should take advantage of that since I hardly ever get the 'right' amount of sleep. So I guess I'll write later.
Love Always,
Michelle D Curtin"
It's nice to have my family as examples of what's right too.
Love Always.

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