Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journal Entry 31: A Slow Day at Work

My first real job was at a small, family-owned Itallian restaurant called Strapasta. I loved that job. I had a great boss and co workers and I loved the small, community feel that it had. The next entry is about an awkward, yet touching conversation we had at work...

"Hey Journal,
Today is Feb 18, 2009....Work was good yesterday. It wasn't very busy so we talked a lot... Orozio was really nice yesterday- I kind of feel bad for Leah though, because he said that if there were only two types of girls in the world, me or Leah, he would want his daughter to be like me and he was dead serious, but it's because he knows Leah's drama with boyfriends and she 'hates' her parents. It still made me happy to know that he could see the difference the gospel makes in my life (whether or not he knows thats mostly why I am who I am). 
Another thing he said was when "Grumpy" came in (a funny old guy that comes in and says that's his name)- after he left Leah said she liked when he comes in and she asked Orozio if he actually liked him, or just pretended to when he came in and he said he pretended & I jokingly said "so do you pretend to like me too?" ... and he looked at me and said no, he said I was a good girl. I think he can tell that I'm different. It's cool. He's a nice guy and a good boss. They make work good. Well it's getting pretty late so I better go and ready my scriptures and go to bed. I'm driving to seminary again tomorrow...
much love/ MichelleDCurtin" 
I can't find a single picture of me at work, but this is from the same time period

The gospel really does make a difference in my life. Orozio wasn't the first one to notice that there was something a little different about how I lived (luckily, they noticed the good stuff).
Love Always,

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