Friday, April 20, 2012

Journal Entry 30: Temple Trip

I love to see the temple. And this is one time that we almost didn't get to, but we had a mini-miracle and gained an awesome memory...
"Hey Journal,
Today is Nov 1, 2008... First, is Thursday night (oct. 30) we had our youth temple trip that day. We drove clear down to DC and then got a call that the Temple didn't have power and we wouldn't be able to go. I was sad, but it felt like if we really wanted to go, it would work out, because it is a good thing to do.
We went and ate at Wendy's and then got a call that they had  a generator going, so we could go. We got in the car and headed for the temple, but because the temple wasn't lit up like it normally is, brother Cheung got lost. It seemed Satan really wanted to keep us from the temple. He asked for directions though and we finally got to the temple. 
The DC Temple (during the day though)

It was pretty even though it wasn't completely lit up. The stained glass running down the side was very pretty. We went in and changed into white suits. We did one conformation (by flashlight) and then 2 baptisms. The baptism room was really pretty, especially because there was light in there. It shown very bright.
We then changed back and I read the bible until we were done. The temple worker thanked us each personally for coming and then we left. The sky was really pretty. Even though it was cold and I was wet (the haidryers didn't work since there was no electricity), I was walked slowly. I like to look at things and take them in. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful experience....
<3/ MichelleDCurtin" 

I love experiences where beauty comes from trails. I loved seeing how the temple was illuminated with "light" even when there was no electricity. I'm glad everything worked out. And because I slowed down to take in that night, I have pretty vivid memories of it. I can see how the stain glass shimmered and hear how the night was unusually silent. What a great memory.

Love Always.

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